Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I just realized since our move to Port Dickson I have been leaning (Tower of pizza! Yuuumm.. Aish, this random hunger moments are horrible!) toward the "Arts and craft" side more rather than being well, The "Cupcake girl".. Oh well, the name's quite stuck and I don't mind, it would be pretty strange to be "Karen Arts & Craft" anyways!

Oh right, I recently dug up a dusty pack of "Air drying clay" or "Cold porcelain" that was lying around somewhere and decided to turn them into Christmas charms!

This was my little pet project since mid November, I would occasionally make one and forget about it (Or am just too busy with other stuff, like sticking my nose into a book or camping.. And more camping.) for sometime then start again, that sort of thang.

They are roughly about as tall as an average piping tip (Just finished re-watching Smurfs and somehow the "Three apples high" thang just got to me!), I don't exactly bother measuring them but they all end up being the same size for some reason, HAH! 

I have absolutely no idea why I wanted to "behead" them, the idea just came around and.. It got stuck! I guess it makes them more unique in it's own kinda creepy way but I don't mind anyhow.

This project was pretty much inspired by a (Also air dried clay/Cold porcelain.) charm bracelet I received from my Aunt when I was about.. 10 or so, I LOVED it lots but I kept losing the charms (I remember having an angel, mermaid and a.. Chili, that had a face.. I can't seem to remember the rest one way or another..) for some reason.. I would take it out from the bracelet and put it on a key chain, then my necklace.. And the list goes on and on until I lose it that is!
So yeah, the charms on that bracelet look (Except the "beheading" part!) pretty much like the ones I made, only I think I secretly like (Speaking of like, my favorites are the reindeer and snowman! Am not exactly a fan of favoritism but they are just SO cute! Goggled/goldfished eye face*) mine more!



-Kristmas Kuppy Kake

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