Monday, December 26, 2011

Comic Fiesta

Last week was pretty interesting, well to me at least.
A lot of impromptu stuff, like sleeping over in two female human's houses and going to... Three shopping malls, huh.

So ANYHOO, it started on Thursday when we went down to KL.
Oh right, just before we left the house I found a toad in my favorite pair of silver fluff ball ballet flats the "hard way", as in I put my foot into the shoe and felt err... Something, something.. Lumpy, cold, rough and it MOVED! Strange, I thought toads were wettish but it wasn't.. Well, thanks for not wetting my shoe Mr/Ms toad and also thanks for not wanting to budge when I went frantically throwing my shoe on the floor.. Hmm, I wonder if you are still in there.

Naw, doesn't that little toad look pweety?

Was texting Bloo (My best friends are my entertainment during car journeys, send some random message to four of them and one of them is bound to reply right?) in the car and she is somehow spontaneously going to babysit Kisa (Just in case you were a wondering.. Yes, it's my job giving people weird nicknames!) since she was home alone and since I was so close by I decided to join the babysitting club.

 It was the first time all three of us have met. 
Well, I guess that's one of the draw backs from not going to school.. You don't meet your best friends everyday (Unless you consider a skype group video call "Meeting up".) and the chances when you meet one of them the other isn't there.

After some girly hugging, screaming and Christmas present exchanging.. 
I have never gotten such awesome presents before for Christmas, well.. Usually family members give you things you don't really like and in my case they usually give me extremely boring books or well, I guess you get it! I still wonder what's the point of giving someone a present just for the sake of GIVING.

Kisa got me this FABULOUS sketch book (Just when I needed a new one too, perfect timing!) that had a giraffe on it and it actually had "Giraffe" printed on it in a humongous black glossy font!
Being the weird person I am, I started going a little too happy!
The sketch book was my favorite type, brown paper bag colored (I love covers that are draw-able! I started doodling with Bloo's sharpies as soon as I got my hands on them to brighten the cover up!) cover, plain white pages (I have a THANG about drawing on those "exam papers", the lines are rather annoying.. And the fact that are called "exam papers".), metal ring binded and a very personalized cover (Something about being UN-vertically challenged and my favorite animal has always been a giraffe!)!

And Bloo got me a.. Momiji doll! 
The name.. Um.. arh.. Aaa... Has some special meaning to me and I plan to be very secretive about the meaning so HAH.
And a hand written letter (That had more puffy stickers than words! Eeek.)! How on earth could she have remembered I loved receiving those?! I doubt I have mentioned that I liked them in a LOOONG LOOOOOOOOONG time.. 

And please don't be too surprised when I say those were the best presents I have ever gotten in my entire life (Excluding Mommy-Papa presents, of course. It's illegal to compare those to others.) not just because they were given to me by two people who can make me die of laughter from a single word but the fact that they were very.. Meaningful, I suppose..

The rest of the evening went by rather quickly.. 
Eating chocolate chip cookies, listening some-language-that-isn't-English rock (I am somehow attracted to listening to anything that isn't English, maybe after this it would be Egyptian rap!), Bloo annoying me by putting on kapoop (Yes, I got rid of the bug.), meeting Alfred the duck, Kisa playing the piano, Bloo TRYING to play the piano, Bloo's crazy exercise class, Desperate house daughters meeting over pizza, yes, I cam up with that!, making Kisa chock on coke, it rhymes!, meeting Kisa's sisters, dancing with Kisa and well, other suches. 

The next day Bloo and I went shopping for her "Cosplay outfit", costume in simpler forms I guess!
We ended up at a tiny place in Sri hartamas, a couple of blocks away from ICCA and little did I know that little shop was JAM PACKED with people!
It was crazy, let me tell you that!
The manager and the store assistant going nuts looking for costumes, the customers waiting impatiently and surfing through the many catalogs, the air conditioning was on low so it was rather suffocating and I.. Had a splitting headache for the first time in a rather long time, it was rather torturous I might say, I thought my eyeballs were about to fall off at one point!

It was pretty fun trying out the costumes, especially the gothic and frilly corset long dressy ones even though they were all humongous on me!
It's funny how they only have them in one size..
Bloo settled with a super cute bloo, I mean BLUE "Japanese school girl" outfit and extremely high white platform boots! 

Spent the rest of the afternoon till evening sleeping, the only thing I remember was how lovely it was to hit the bed after I staggered out of the car and pulled out my boots and waking up to see Bloo staring at me as though I was dead and had suddenly woken up! Hmm, that sounded creepier than I remembered it, oh well. I felt much better though, with the headache gone and the scorching hot afternoon sun gone as well! 

Bloo's Mom's (Mai gawdt, there are loads of "'s"!) friend, Jane took us for a "Girls night out" in 1U not long after I awoke from my slumber!
Had simple noodles for dinner than off I went shopping with Bloo, for the first time ever in our three or so year long friendship!
That's kinda what happens when you live like.. Maybe, 500 kilometers or so, maybe further away from your pals.

Our first stop was strangely Daiso (Since we couldn't find a decently priced hair stuff shop!) to get Bloo some fluffy hair scrunchies to complete her outfit (And some ribbons to tie around our wrists and neck but we soon found out they had adhesive at the back so we returned them! Bloo was having a look at the ribbons while walking about and she suddenly went "KAREN! There's glue at the back!", oh whoopsies.), some pinky nail polish (To make stuff even cuter.) and then some random walking around and taking pictures with the lovely Christmas deco!

We just realized we could share clothes so we walked around 1U in each other's pajamas!  

I spent the rest of the night painting my finger nails "Barbie doll" (I don't believe it is actually called that though..) pink and Bloo spent HER night splattering her fingers with baby bloo, I mean BLUE and pink, it was a fabulous piece of modern art I might say.. And yakking and telling more grandmother stories.

Not all that weirdly, Bloo's alarm (That video up there.) didn't work the next morning or maybe it just wasn't irritating enough.. I guess I take THAT back, the alarm is VERRRYYY irritating..

CF (Comic Fiesta) only started at 9am but.. Oh dear here we go again, Bloo's Mom's friend wanted to take us out for breakfast at Levain (An old bungalow that was turned into a bakery/cafe thing.) and we had to be there SUPER early to avoid the crowd, like 8AM type of early.. Not too easy for two people who are rather used to waking up at noon.

Breakfast was rather.. filling, super filling I mean EXPLODING!
Had a set that conceived of scrabbled eggs, bacon, salad, sausages, ham, toast and butter and after that some chocolate cake to stuff you up even more!

Bloo, I mean BLUE people outside Levain. Bloo in her cosplay outfit! (I did a bit of hair tying in the car on the way to CF!)

YAY! Comic Fiesta at last! 
The first thing that greeted us once we entered the convention centre (It was held @ KLCC) was the CROOOWWDD!

I think this was the very first time I have seen SO many people jam packed into an area!
Met up with Zed Dabaliewee at the ticketing hall. Yes, there was an entire hall just to get tickets and the whole hall was packed with people looking for their friends and cosplayers putting their finishing touches on! 

We each received a "Survival kit" (Or so it is named!) and it contains some mints (They strangely tasted very good despite the fact that it had brown dots on them..), a bar of chocolate, hand sanitizer and some.. Malay magazines!  

Just as we thought the queuing for the tickets was bad, we had to queue from the OUTSIDE (As in from the park!) to get into the hall and by the time we got in we were all hot, sticky and sweaty! 
And.. So was everyone else so it was quite, stinky! We were all squashed inside the hall so it wasn't a very pleasant experience I might say.. 

Met Kisa and her sisters at their booth and decided to drag Kisa away to walk about a little!
I think there were about a hundred booths there but it was a pity that most of them sold the same things!
Badges, mugs, posters (I didn't find posters of any manga/anime I knew, sob.), very cute cloth hats (Too bad they were about RM50 each..), key chains, hmm... Well, stuff like that!

I think the cosplayers were the most interesting "thing" there (Next to the live bands that sang in Japanese!), it seems like they pose for a living because they do it SO well and the details on their costumes!

Maybe I will pass next year..

-Karen Comic Cake

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