Thursday, December 1, 2011

Chocolate cup

Today, actually 2 days ago but I think it's less confusing if I put it as "today..
Was one of those boring, correction, lazy days at home and I am not sure how or why (I don't have good memory and as stated above, it happened two days ago not today.) but I somehow started watching some chocolate-y videos and got inspired to play with chocolate.

So the actual today's (We went to watch Puss in Booties yesterday and was only back at nightfall and I'm somehow not very-good-a-working at night, something that's got to do with the yellow lighting in my cake studio, cough. Studio.. Don't you think it somehow sounds posher than "room"?) afternoon (Spent the morning washing camping ground sheets, airing tents and muck out the royal icing, left over gingerbread cookies, parchment paper, flour from cake studio, kill ants and shoo away snail that's stuck to the wall of my cake room, god knows how it got in the room, only too bad because the rooms splattered with chocolate bits now and the ants are back, sob!) I went frantically looking for some balloons in my cake room (Long story short on why there SHOULD be balloons in my cake room, I mean studio- I had actually planned to do this balloon chocolate thing, only in royal icing for the cake competition but it failed, so I failed twice with this balloon thing, why don't I ever learn?! More on the fail soon..), finally found them when I remembered I hid them in my tool box NOT in my tool drawer or cupboards, yeesh.. Nearly wanted to do something else today, like maybe more laundry or OH! Completely forgot about that new black acrylic paint I bought after the movie! I'll play with that tomorrow... And hopefully I can find that brush I need for this particular project I mentally planned somewhere... 

Oh yes, the chocolate! No, it didn't magically appear, got them a while back at a bake sail sale when Mommy bought some Candy melt molds and decided to give them a try, since the molds were HUMONGOUS we soon got sick of THIS particular chocolate compound! 

Melted the chocolate the "Bain Marie" (Fancy word for a large bowl filled with hot water and a smaller bowl in a big bowl filled with whatever you want to melt, in my case, CHOCOLATE.) way since I live in a house that has everything except a microwave, sob.

Made a parchment paper cone but it was a bit of a mess because the melted chocolate seeped out from the top and the side, literally everywhere! Must be out of practice.. Haven't made a parchment cone since one of the Wilton courses, didn't need to till now! Well I actually don't HAVE to make one now but since the "pros" in the video were using a parchment paper "cornet" I think that's what it's called..
So after two failed cornets I ended up with my big fat plastic piping bag which I cut into well, cornet size!  

I just realized how much the bottom looks like "Bok choy", hahahaha! This is pretty darn hilarious! Well, at least to me..

So a mini tutorial for a failed chocolate cup-

First, you blow up the balloon, twist the end and hair clip it.
Then, get a bowl the the balloon fits snugly into and place the hair clippy part into the bowl, the balloon shouldn't be flying all over the place and if it does.. Have fun splattering your work space with chocolate, make sure you lick it all up or the chocolate monster will come after you!  
Next, pour your melted chocolate on the balloon, it should look like a splat or... A bok choy, I wonder if that helped anyone..
After having loads of fun pouring, grab your piping bag that's filled with melted chocolate and start piping circles, don't squash too hard or you will end up with a strange looking lump which is pretty hard to clean up after.
Remember, this is chocolate NOT royal icing.
Leave a space and do some weird random squiggle like thangs. (No, that wasn't a spelling mistake my dear blogger, please REMOVE that annoying red line! NOW! I command you! NOW!)
Connect the not so random circles with the VERY random circles with some string work, not as easy as it seems.. 
Now, let it harden in a fridge preferably.
Come back to fridge to see that the balloon has collapsed by itself and quickly tie a knot. 
Come back again in ten minutes, pokes to feel that it has harden and use a pin to prick the top.
Watch to see your world crumble into a million pieces. 

You know what?!
How on MARSSS could these people have done it without greasing the balloon?! (Serves me right for speed reading, aish.)
Everything stuck to in and the balloon well... Became one chocolate coated thaaaaaang.
I took the first photo when I came back to the fridge to see that it self deflated.
It would have been quite awesome to see that it maintained the self deflated shape when I pricked it... Oh well, I didn't succeed again so I have to try, try again!

Oh yes, today I just learnt what an "Epic fail" meant! *Mumbles* After ALL those years of hearing "teenagers" go "What an epic faaaaaaaiiiiill!" 
Apparently, according to Urban Dictionary it means- Complete and total failure when SUCCESS should have been reasonably easy to attain.

And that my lovely humans.. Was exactly what I did today was. *Audience applause*

-Karen Klumsy Kake

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