Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How to: Edible paint

Oh hey! Another tutorial, didn't see this one coming! 

Yesterday I was simply browsing (Quite aimlessly I must say, in search for something interesting and surprisingly found that "something interesting"!) through one of the homeschooling group on FaceBook that I had joined and there was just this one post that caught my eye "Homemade cornstarch paint" it said.

(This was where the link directed to: Homemade cornstarch paint. I officially absolutely love this blog!)

So yeah, I kinda tried making my own paint today!
Usually I never start on these kinda projects, kinda like the time when I wanted to try out Alan Dunn's Cold porcelain but never actually did it for some unknown reason.. But the instructions were SO simple and the list of ingredients was SO short that I simply had to!
And since the ingredients were only water and cornstarch that would make it edible, right? (Can't wait to try my edible paint on a cake!)

If you haven't viewed her blog yet this is basically what you need to make your own paint-

1 Cup of water
1 Tablespoon of Corn starch

A tiny saucepan/pot to cook your paint in, hmm.. That sounds somewhat funny!
Food coloring

1st stop (Step, stop.. Same thing right? Just a different alphabet in the middle and a completely different meaning! .. But at least it rhymes!):

Fill ye cuppa with H2O (I guess you could use boiled, then cooled water if you are going to paint on a cake or just plain tap water if you aren't going to eat it!) to thy brim.

Pour ye liquid into ye miniature pot.

2nd Stomp:

Plonk in a tablespoon of  corn starch and mix all the lumps out or you are going to be in BIIIIGGG trouble.

I had to make this twice because I actually FAILED on my first try!
I didn't mix the corn flour in and once it boiled my "paint" had little jelly like lumps in them!  

3rd Storm:

Plop the pot onto the stove, put thy fire on medium and stir like no tomorrow so the corn flour, starch err... Same thing! Doesn't settle and form the very un-wonderful lumps!

Stir, stir, your neighbor may think your mad but CONTINUE, stir, stir, your neighbor may officially think you're possessed but CONTINUE, stir, stir!

Hmm, don't you think that would make one wonderful song? 

4th Store:

If your neighbor hasn't taken you to the nut house, you may continue stirring till some scary bubbles start forming!

The scary bubbles is a sign that the paint shows when it's well, PAINT.

5th Star:

Put the fire off and the scary bubbles will go away, if you don't they would probably over flow and you would have to mop up the whole kitchen and trust me, the "paint" is quite sticky and icky.

You should end up with a thicker liquid from what you started with.

Congratulations, you have made P-A-I-N-T!

Now, whip up, I mean OUT some food coloring!
I just kinda realized I don't own "liquid food coloring"!

So if you don't own liquid food coloring you may want to whip out some tooth picks as well to kinda transfer the gel food coloring from the container to the paint.

And.. I kinda just realized I don't own a paint pallete so I used my gem chocolate/candy melts/gum paste/royal icing instead!  

And.. I don't own proper "paint brushes", all of mine are kinda.. Used for dusting gum paste flowers!
Oh gosh, this is hilarious..

So sob, sob, I had to sacrifice a couple of paint brushes for my edible paint "test drive"!

The results from my five minute test drive!

Err... Not exactly my favorite "paint", I would 100% still buy my favorite acrylic paint for art projects and as for cakes.. I guess I am stuck with my SK edible paint or food coloring!
It was a bit too.. Transparent and jelly like, I would rather paint with food coloring, somehow but I guess if you aren't painting details it's completely fine! 
In other words.. Just make a whole tub full for little kids to splatter about! 

Had LOADS, about say.. 1/2 Cup or so of leftover paint!
Chucked it into the fridge, I wonder how long it would last? Will keep you updated!

-Karen Kookingpaint Kake

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