Friday, December 2, 2011

Gingerbread man workshop

Well I have to say this workshop (My 2nd workshop that consists of little kiddeos, the first would be the cupcake one from the previous "baking camp".) was rather.. Ill-prepared, well to me since I hadn't even finished clearing up from the last one, as in put the cupcake trays back into the cupboard type of clearing up!

Since this was my second time round I knew what to err.. Put in front of the kids? Fondant was a bit messy and too much instructions, apparently instructions and kids don't mix to well, heh, how could I have known?!
I used to LOVE instructions when I was err "their" age, maybe that's because I went to school and didn't know how to think for myself..

So ANYHOO (Still love that word, HAH!), preparing for the gingerbread man workshop wasn't as tedious as the fondant cupcake one since all I had to do was prepare the royal icing, both stiff and run-out consistency for outlining and flooding and LOADS of sprinkles!!
In case you were wondering the baking of the gingerbread man cookies were done by a homeschooling Dad, the cupcakes from the previous one were too!

Decided there weren't enough sprinkles so the entire day before the workshop me and Bloo, did quite alot of "plunging" with my tiny stars, flowers, hearts and circle plungers!
Whew, I never want to see those babies again! Something about me being a "Human machine" that I don't exactly enjoy, freehand is more mai thaang!

I am starting to think my oven is a little too small since it can only fit in like, 10 cookies at a time and it takes ages since each kid has about five cookies!

"Dear Santa,
Please upgrade my oven, make it twice as big and three times as chic!"

After my little swinging on my private hammock @ the deck break, I decided it was time to start icing them cookies since there was a horde of VERY eager little girls in my cake studio, looking at their cookies and going "Is it time to put the icing and sprinkles on yet?!".

Okay, I over exaggerated about the "horde" part, there were only three, I mean four little girls that were in my cake studio practically drooling so I had to save them from dehydration.
Since there was another batch of cookies still in the oven, I stared a private mini cookie "master class" with them and unknowingly the room started to fill up and soon I could barely move and the floor was COATED with royal icing, sprinkles and cookie crumbs!

Above: Me (Oh yes, paraded around with my rather wilty Laurel wreath the entire day! Whootwhoot!) and my "cookie master class"! Thanks for taking the photo Bloo!

So after not being able to stand the crowded-ness and the messiness I had to herd all the little lambs outside to the "Cookie-a-making" table and that's probably when the trouble started..

My hands, actually HAND (I should seriously consider being omnihanded, omnivores eat everything so omnihanded is err... Person who can use both hands! After some googling, actually a second of googling a person who can use both hands are called.. Ambidextrous. Hmf, what a long word, I am sticking to omnihanded, HAH!) was starting to get excruciatingly painful from all that outlining of cookies! And.. No one else was able to help since all their lines turned out broken and wiggly.. Oh well, if there's ever another cookie workshop for little kids who bake 5 cookies each I shall omit the outlining or perhaps invent an outlining machine to do the job!

Oh yes, another highlight of the day.. How on earth could I have forgotten this?! The kiddeos called me "Auntie teacher" (Or just plain teacher or... Just plain Auntie Karen...), I nearly fainted. Enough said.

I guess it was a pretty fun class overall, enjoyed it tons except for the part that my right hand was about to fall off and getting called "Wierd names"!

If only I weren't the "Aunty Karen teacher" but one of the participants! I mean... Look at the amount of sprinkles and the bags of colorful icing-a-flooding (And the amount of hyper-on-sugar kiddeos!)! What kind of human would you be if THESSSEEE don't make you happy?!

Lots of pink heart sprinkles,
Auntie Teacher Karen

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