Wednesday, December 7, 2011


No, I did not just slam my head on the key board to type out the title, that bird just looks like a Floo.. Floowa-, err.. Drat, what was it called again?
Oh right, Floowazetch.

It was one of those rather, sad to say but dull evenings in our place at Gentings and I happened to have brought (I usually forget it, somehow.) my trusty travelling kit along, it contains a trusty blob of green play-doh which I secretly, ahem, stole (Harsh word, so I think Im'ma change it to "borrow".), basic sculpting tools (Am into making random play-doh faces recently, very good for long journeys since they can never actually be complete, well mine aren't..) , complete Fruits basket anime collection (Accidentally, maybe purposely left behind by Bloo.), 2 random books from my "Horrible" (Science, History, Geography. Best "Text" books, EVA.) collection, Set of colorful inky pens, scritchy scratchy sketch (For some reason I am still wondering why "sketch" has a "k" instead of a "c".. Somehow doesn't sound English. Hm.) book, a new tube of black acrylic paint and a fine paint brush  = Best kit ever for random moments of boredom.. Says a person who doesn't own an "Ipod touche" (No, incase you were wondering, that wasn't a typo of any sort.) or one of those electronic wachamacallits, funny how people rely on those so much for entertainment.

So ANYHOO, I whipped (Ooooh, ahh... Chocolate whipped cream = Yuuuuuum. Oops, random hunger thoughts.) out my, actually random sketch pad I found lying around and my colorful pensies and thought, and thought.. Strangely I didn't have ANY inspiration in my that day so I did something called a "Inspiration finder technique thingmajig"!

First you whip (Oooooh, ahhhh.. Whip cream on chocolate mooooose! Oopsies.) out your trusty YELLOW inky pen, do random squiggles.
Then decide what they look like and use the other inky pens.

First the random squiggles looked like a candle stick (Pretty much why the legs look like that.) so that where I started but it soon started looking like a bird so that where my 30 minute or about there-ish sketch ended. 

-Colorful Curdy Cake

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