Thursday, December 1, 2011

Laurel wreath

Apparently that's what it's called, nearly wanted to name this post "Head wreath" but thank goodness for Google, what would I do without it?!

ANYHOO (I just realized I love beginning my sentences with "A" words, strange.), borrowed this very old (Printed in 1993, considered ancient.) flower arranging book (I just wanted to know what the arrangements were like "then", trust me when I saw I could do better with my eyes closed, just stick flowers and foliage EVERYWHERE! Mai gawdt. Your very handy translator when reading KCC's blog: Mai gawdt= My god.) without flipping through much, I have no idea why.. My brain just works funny sometimes, I just can't control it.

So one lazy sunny afternoon when Basil was over I was simple leafing through the book again and something caught my eye...

I have always wanted to make one, I don't know why but I OFFICIALLY love anything that's got to do with flowers! I just realized how girly I am, oh well *Flip toss hair*.
And it was SO simple, all you need are flowers and foliage and wire, LOTS!

The moment I put the book down off we went flowers-a-hunting, armed with our plant cutter thang, wicker basket and mosquito repellent armor! HAH! 

After possibly pruning the entire neighborhood of weeds, dumping them into pails of water, measuring our head with rather long wire, cutting, twisting LOADS of that tiny leafy plant around, adding random flowers and foliage AKA weeds but just to make it sound fancier.... 
VIOLA! ((Nearly typed in violin..)-

Our "Head, I mean Laurel wreaths"!

Hmm... Hopping around like a fairy princess was definitely fun!
It would be fun having a tea party with our teddy bears next time round... And making little wreaths for them!

-Karrot Korn Kapsicum   

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