Wednesday, January 5, 2011

An evening of unexpectedly good food and music..

Jeez... Another one of those days were I can't pick a proper title for my post!
Blogger should really create a 'Help-you-get-a-status' application to help bloggers like me!
Okay... Never mind the top 2 sentences!
I got a TITLE!
It wasn't a surprise party or things like that but it was a change from a lazy day at home..

An hour or so ago we were driving along Old Klang RD checking out the road side food stalls, deciding what to have for dinner...
We passed a electronics store...
Which reminded Mommy we needed a new kettle, we dropped by that store to get it.

I was pretty reluctant to get down from the car as I was hungry and when I am hungry the only thing in my mind is FOOD!
If I don't get it... You are dead meat.

I was welcomed into the shop by Lady GaGa's Bad Romance, it cheered me up. INSTANTLY.
The song was ending...
My cheerful-ness turned in to hungry-ness back again..

New song starts...
Music intro*
Cherry cherry boom boom GAGA..!

Eh eh (Nothing else I can say)-Lady GaGa

This store really tries hard to keep their angry, grumpy customers HAPPY!

After that was...
My all time favorite song, I Like It-Enrique Iglesias! (Finally! I am able to spell his name with out checking out  Google-ing the spelling!)

They played it...
Awesome..? Or Maybe it was just something wrong with the stereo (Or my ears!).. Hmm.

I started feeling rather freaked out...
Like someone has been invading my mind to find out what I LOVE (Especially when I am making sugar flower petals! Songs that make me want to dance help me not fall asleep on my 100th rose petal that I am making that day... So yeah, I Like It pumped me with energy for most of my late 2010 cakes. For some reason my wildest wish in this life time is to make a cake for either Enrique or GaGa... One day Karen Cuppy Cake, One fine day..)  listening to...

My family and the shop assistants must be wondering what's wrong with me, it is impossible to not at least sing and nod your head to the songs they played!

If only they played Hero (I was just having a look at the music video and I was like: Is THAT Jennifer Love Hewitt?! Googles* Owh Mai Gawd! It is! Faints*.. I thought she was only that actress who sees ghosts! Haha!)or Takin' Back My Love after that!
But unfortunately it was *!@%#!*&! Justin Beiber.. Pukes*

Oh well... Shop keeper or who ever you are at that store that invaded my mind to make me happy, you succeeded!    
I left with one of those songs stuck in my head repeating, repeating, repeat...
Oh, and Mommy with her new kettle of course..!


After driving further down Old Klang RD we decided to have err... Street food?
Well tis' by the road and ON the street so tis' street food right?

After parking the car and walking down the row of food stalls (Satay, Bak kut teh, Laksa.. Etc) we decided to have Pan Mee (Wow! I can't believe Pan Mee made its way to Wikipedia!).

Of all the food on that street why PAN MEE?!
I have a phobia (Well not exactly a phobia but it would be one of the last 'noodle-y dish' I would eat!) of Pan Mee...
All remember why I have kept away from it was because when I was 5 or 6-ish my GrandMa made it at home...
It tasted awful..! (I hope she will never reads this post!)
So I haven't touched it ever since, until TODAY!

It was surprisingly VERY good! Drools* (I want seconds!)
Scoffs down the whole bowl in a few seconds*

It was different... Just different...
The noodles were flat pieces of dough rolled out on a pasta machine on #5 or #6 (Or it just looks like so... Just guessing! Didn't have a chance to go up THAT close to see what the setting? was.) and it was ripped (Yes ripped!) up into 3" squares...
I think they were more like err... flat, big huge flat square-ish pieces of dough!
(I am just wondering on what my Malaysian readers are thinking of me while they read about this Pan Mee part... Blinks*)

Oh jeez... Describing it makes me hungry...
Super SUPPER Time!


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