Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Badminton 1/11/11

After months of not holding my badminton racket, I finally got the (Pick a word, I am having a hard time deciding.) chance/opportunity/excuse (I make it sound as though I have been forced to not play badminton but it is just maybe I have more interesting things to do these days and my sparing partner/s are not as free as they were a year back.) to pick it up again...

Gripping the racket again was.. Weird.
It felt like a very foreign object, something my hands are not used to gripping to like the time in the ICCA Annual Cake Competition 2010 when I had to make a @!*^%$@! speech on stage... 
Yeah... I still remember little (I guess you could say it is a BIG thing.) things like that, public speaking freaks me out.
I am glad I managed to do that without fainting on stage...

After taking the racket out of the case and giving it a few swings, I still didn't feel comfortable holding it.
I pictured myself dying of embarrassment, not being able to hit the shuttle cork...
I am such a negative person sometimes... Yeesh.

We packed the 4 boys (I had one extra brother today!) into the car and drove off to the badminton court in USJ.

Half way there, I heard Arian (That's my extra brother for the day!) rapping some Eminem song, then Eu Fai sang Bad Romance-Lady Gaga and even Eu Han chipped in with Paparazzi-Lady Gaga ( My brothers listen to way too much Lady Gaga thanks to ME!)..
When I was their age I only knew nursery rhymes!
I feel so.. Outdated and old! Yikes!

After loosing a few rounds I pretty much got the hang of it again.

Never had such a fun time playing badminton in a looooooooong time!
Let alone any sport... Art has made me very un-active? And lazy! Haha!

After an hour or so hitting the shuttle cork non stop, I felt pretty good (And sweaty, exhausted, dehydrated and drop dead tired!)!

I plan to play badminton with CLIC (Hopefully) every week from now on...


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