Monday, January 3, 2011


2010!.. Errr... I mean 2011! I can't believe it is 2011! Another year gone... Another new year to explore...

I feel guilty not blogging for the past one week or so, my best friend, Thea from Penang visited me during Christmas (It was both our Christmas wishes to see each other again.) came down to visit me in KL!

I spent 90% of the days (Till today.) spending time, catching up with my pal.

The day before Thea came down to KL my Aunt M and my cousins came from Ipoh (My house was loaded with people (From northern states! Hahaha!) and my Mom had planned another one of her 'De-tour-around-KL' for them so since Thea was here we just tagged along with her plan and had LOTS of fun!

(Ahhh! I am getting so distracted (Thea, If you are reading THIS. It is a a GOOD distracted!) with Thea's Christmas present! Lady Gaga's The Fame AND The Fame Monster!! I can't help but sing and nod my head to the song... Smiles*)

We went:

  • To my Port Dickson house  
  • To Taman Pertanian, Shah Alam, We went cycling, visited the 'Four-season house' and had a picnic.
  • To Zoo Negara
  • To KLCC, We watched Gulliver Travels and hung out at Kinokuniya.  
  • To... More PD!! 
Whew! I am exhausted!
I think I need a break from all the fun we had, are having and going to have!


P.S Here are some photos from here and there and everywhere...

Above: KLCC That night
Below: Our BBQ @ PD


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