Thursday, January 27, 2011

Melacca in Pictures

It has been a BILLION years since I had my last blog post, hope I have not been forgotten by my followers!
 Oh well, that's what you get when you follow a lazy blogger, eh?

Anyways, I found a passion for photography a few months ago and I have been 'practicing' my photography skill during our holidays (Food photography is good too... But I LOVE taking pictures of our Malaysian err... Drat, How do I put it... Country side? Yeah, I think that's the word!) and road trips..
I have a feeling they are getting better, holiday after holiday..! 
Here are my few favorites out of the hundreds I took during our 3D 2N road trip to Melacca..

 Above: I LOVE winding down the windows and sticking my hands and head out (When there are no humongous trucks carrying palm fruits zooming pass!)  when we reach the 'Kumpung' areas where the wind is so fresh and crisp..  
 Above and below: Pengkalan Balak Beach.

 Above: We stopped by a beach side Makan stall for lunch! The Malay food was REALLY yummy!
Below: The cute little kitty that I gave my left overs to.. She posed for a billion photos for me!   

 Above: The ONLY thing that I was interested in at the new Planetarium in Air Keroh. The planetarium was REALLY lousy! Not worth going at ALL! There are mostly pictures of space stuffies and videos (Stuff you can get on the internet if you Googled!).. Very little exhibits that were interesting, some things were already broken! The theater was rather interesting because the screen was the ceiling but the movie was HORRIBLE! So 0 stars for the planetarium! 


 Above: One of the many bridges that cross over the Jalan Laksamana river in Melacca town. 
 Above: Eu Han and his overly chocolate-y Kit Kat ice cream!
Below: The beautiful sky that day.. We were waiting for our river cruise, I was bored so I snapped a billion random photos..!

 Above: We passed a mini theme park called 'Pirate Park' (Or something like that but I am 100% sure it has a 'Pirate' in there somewhere!) and I think this was a pretty good shot of the ferris wheel with the lovely blue sky as the back ground!
Below: I imagined being in Venice when we cruised through this part of the river...

 Above: You should be able to tell that I LOVE the blue sky with puffy white white clouds in my photos!
 Above and below: CHINA TOWN!

 Above: Err... I should send this to Cake Wrecks! (Photo taken in some random bakery we dropped by in town..)
Below: After a long hot and sweaty day, What could be better than mouth freezing ICE KACHANG?!

 Above: La menu...
Below: My Ice kachang that was made specially for ME! (Since I don't like the condense milk, beans and other yucky stuff they have in the normal ones..!)
 Below: We had the Ice kachang here...

 Above: Saint Paul's Church 
Below: The clock tower @ The Stadthuys 

 Above: I have ABSOLUTELY no idea what this is... Blinks*
Below: The marble (I am pretty sure it said marble on the sign board...) statue of Saint Paul.

Above: Some crazy overly decorated trishaws!
Below: Inside St Paul's church... There were a billion tomb stones, creepy...

 Above: Some part of A Famosa I guess... No, I do not do much research about this place!
Below: One part of the Queen Victoria fountain in front of Stadthuys.

And that's the end of my photo blog post!


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