Saturday, January 8, 2011


(Above: Taken somewhere along the way to Cameron Highlands.. I amuse it must be weird having the title of this post 'Ipoh' but having a picture of some Cameron Highland-ish place.. I think they look kind of the same, Road, trees and sky all the way! I will update the Cameron Highlands 'Road' picture with a on the way to Ipoh one tomorrow when/if I get online!)

Hmm... We will be departing to Ipoh early tomorrow AM (Did I mention I hate getting up before 10 AM? Being a home schooler has made me rather lazy over the years, eh?).

It is already 12.30 AM... I doubt I will be able to sleep!

Rather excited... Somehow.

It will only be a short 2D 1N trip...
The plans Mommy made makes it sound like tis' going to be a rather tiring trip, going here and there, all around Ipoh-ish areas..

I do hope I will have time to blog and upload photos in between!


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