Tuesday, January 4, 2011

HS Picnic @ TTDI Park

Whew! What a nice morning! (More on the afternoon side but never mind..)

It was a home school new year meet up thingy and we had pot luck...
Guess what I brought!


I made a small batch of my favorite vanilla cupcakes (It is my favorite because... Because... It is just PERFECT!) in my Big Baby (That is what I call my commercial stand mixer. I some how find the size of it just right compared to my first tiny mixer. I think I like it more than I would like a KA or a Kenwood! But a KA or Kenwood as a gift is always welcome!!) for the pot luck.

My FaceBook status after I finished taking them out of the oven:

Tonight is one of those nights were I can't resist eating my right-out-of-the-oven supah fluffy, crunchy domed top, yummy, irresistible vanilla cupcakes for supper with a glass of cold milk... Om nom nom... I love my cupcake scraps :P

Yeah... I HAD to steal a few odd (I can only fit 25 into a box and I baked 30..) ones for supper! 
I love being a caker you can always get fresh scraps every time you finish decorating/baking cakes/cupcakes..

Woke up earlier than usual (At 9 AM) to ice the cupcakes after they had been cooled over night.
I was thinking this in my head:
These better all be gone! If they don't I might just EXPLODE!

Well... The exploding is because I am clearly NOT a morning person, I like waking up at noon when I can.
So if they don't finish...
All my waking up early work is wasted...

They were just simple butter cream tinted a light lemon-ish yellow Decorating Tip-#1M Star swirls, sprinkled with some Arnott's Hundreds and Thousands and topped with some Wilton Fondant Daisy Shape Cut Outs flowers that were made to look like white daisies and sunflowers.

No pictures of the cupcakes! Sorry!  

Well at the end of the picnic they were long gone and some participants were fighting over the last few to take home...
It was a funny-ish-ly happy moment!

Hearing the comments about them were nice, as usual...

When I wasn't talking about myself and the cupcakes (Which took up most of the time anyways...) I was eating other participant's pot luck food (Haha!!) and listening to the home school news... 

It was a fun and lazy morning/after noon...

Just finished having a movie marathon on my lap top, up in my room, on a stormy evening, under a warm blanket...

I HEART Lazy Days!


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