Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Swathy's Cupcakes

Ouch... I am officially paralyzed on the right side of my body.
Thank you BADminton!

 Despite of my aching shoulder, forearm and wrist (Basically my whole right hand and leg.. Yeesh!), I was able to make these 9 (I..Have..Never..EVER..Made..Less..Than..25..Cupcakes..In..My..Whole..Life. I am so used to having a huge batch of naked cupcakes in frost of me to decorate and now with just 9... Every cupcake is special, VERY special.) cupcakes for one of my best friends and neighbor, Swathy.

Above: I decided to decorate (And paint! See the pink-ish tinge on the cake box? Oh, and I used Wilton Pink food coloring since I didn't have any paint! Haha!!) the cake box since I can't wrap this present up with wrapping paper! I have been addicted to writing like this lately... It is just SO fun.. And colorful!

Below: There are 9 cupcakes but I only took the lucky 7 cupcakes since it looks better this way...
The cupcakes are all vanilla flavored and topped/covered with vanilla butter cream and/or fondant.
Below: This cupcake is my FAVORITE of them all! Maybe because of the rose and colors...
I made the veins very.. err.. deep? in this rose just to give it a more interesting and different look.

I guess they all turned out the way I wanted except for the butterfly printed one...
I need to improve on the dusting!




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