Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ipoh-Day 1

The past 8 hours has been REALLY awesome!
I hope the rest of the day will be like so...

I was woken up by Mommy at 5 in the morning!
She was busy packing the boy's clothes in my room with the light on (Of course), I am a pretty light sleeper so I got woken up and my brothers were still snoring and looking quite dead-ish..
No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get back to sleep, Yeesh..

So I got dressed and went down hugging my favorite pillow looking half asleep (I think I looked like a 5 year old sleep walking), it was surprisingly chilly this morning..
The 'chilly-ness' reminded me of the cold 10 degrees Celsius early mornings in Perth!

Half awake I had my every morning-and-every-other-time-when-I-am-free cup of coffee (Mommy says I am addicted to FaceBook as much as she with coffee! So it becomes my cup of coffee..), Delicious!

After packing all our baggage and 3 deep-in-sleep boys into the car we left for Ipoh..

I am pretty sure (I was half asleep or asleep throughout most of the journey, I took photos of a lot of village scenes, palm and coconut trees, road and sky when I was awake! Speaking.. I mean blogging about pictures.. I forgot to bring the camera adapter to upload the pictures into my lap top! Noooo! I guess YOU will have to wait till I get back home tomorrow! I wish we could stay longer, the hotel is awesome!)  we took the rural road to Ipoh..
Passing every small town...
I find it them SO much nicer than Kuala Lumpur!

Finally! We reached Batu Gajah (Who names a town 'Rock Elephant'?!) to have some 'Kopitiam' breakfast..
Yum yum...

We had Porridge, PAN MEE (Mwa hahahahahha!) and Yong tau foo..
I took a billion photos of the shop houses and old-ish buildings that were in Batu Gajah!
The skype.. Whoops! I mean SKY! (I didn't do it on purpose!) Is SO super nice today...
Reminds me of Perth, Again!
1st Stop of the day:

Tin Dredge! (Why on earth call it a 'dredge'?! It reminds me of a grudge... Scary, old and frightening!)

It is Malaysia's only surviving tin dredge (Yes, I just did some research..)!
I thought there were many... Oh well.

It is located in Chendrong, Tanjung Tualang.

I guess it was just okay... I wasn't really impressed by it.
There were no signs or anything when you enter the dredge...
It was just old, dusty, sink-y (It is lob sided! So scary..!), hole-y (The metal or something like that flooring was rotting? I thought it might just collapse and I would fall into the deep, dark hole... Yike!) and it old machines reminded me of 'Jurassic Park'!

So yeah... I didn't enjoy it.

On the way in to the Tin dredge we saw a 'Buffalo farm or something' (I have horrible memory... I couldn't even remember what I did this morning without asking!) sign.
We decided to drop by the 'farm' after the Tin dredge.

(Just got back from the pool! The water is FREEZING! It was like swimming in a steam/water fall! the pool was new so it LOOKED nice but I could not enjoy it, at ALL! Just put 1 toe in and you get shivers all over your body in no time! Anyway... I managed to dunk my self in and freeze! For the first time in my life I sun bathed ! It felt like heaven.. Ahhh! As if I am not burnt enough already! It was fun but I am NEVER EVER going to swim in the pool again!)

Cows, cows and more buffaloes!
Snaps a billion more photos* (The scenery was fabulous!)

Next stop: Kellie's Castle!

I didn't expect much over here, it didn't look like much after all!
But oh... I was wrong, VERY wrong!

It was a pretty hot afternoon and the moment you entered the castle it instantly cools you down...
Many corridors, rooms, underground cellars, secret stair cases to explore!

The first underground passage we went into was the wine cellar!
It was VERY dark! (They should really install some lights!)
Luckily we had some torch lights!
I felt rather er.. Scared? going down the narrow windy stair case... Deeper and deeper underground.

I assume Kellie must have loved wine because he had a billion wine rack thingys!

My least favorite room in the whole castle was the linen room...
There were lots of wood that were cemented with the walls to make shelves, they reminded me of a morgue!
The size and width of it was just nice to fit a human body... Creepy.
I have a feeling that I have a super wild imagination...    

I enjoyed the secret escape staircases (They were steep, windy and high. I imagined myself as a duchess escaping from a castle invasion, I guess it is nice having a wild imagination some times!)  from the rooms and being on the roof top? of the castle!
I felt like I really was 'King of the world' (That has REALLY wobbly knees!)!
The breeze up there was awesome!
Not to mention the fact that the skype (Not again! I mean SKY SKY SKYYY!) was so blue, we were surrounded by oil palm estates and jungle, if only I could just pause that moment and not have wobbly knees!

My visit to Kellie's castle was just plain AWESOME!

We finally made our way to Ipoh town at noon..

I don't think there is much to blog about the rest of the day in Ipoh town..
Eat, sleep, pool, doggies, visiting and more eating!


Please wait for the pictures!
They will be in their places in this post the moment I get home!  

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