Thursday, July 14, 2011


Sorry about my no-posting-for-three-days, was in KL.. Signing up for this year's ICCA Wedding cake competition (Woo hoo! Imma sooo eggsaiteddybear!... And nervous. And maybe the "Teen category" as well, oh well I still have a month until the dead line!), buying a truck load of fondant, Yeesh, ICCA ran out of gum paste (How is this possible?!) so I had to go over to City Baker's to get gum paste and they too didn't have Wilton gum paste, just Satin Ice and it was CHEAPER than Wilton's?! All this while I have been buying Wilton's.. Felt rather silly at that moment. Anyways bought 2 tubs of 1KG Satin Ice gum paste to try out, hope it work (Fingers crossed!), went shopping @ Ikea (Yay! I finally have a soft squishy PINK carpet in my room! I have a sudden pink obsession, I am not exactly sure why... So now my whole room's gonna be pink! Woo hoo? Smiley face*), haven't been there in AGES! Mmm... How much I have missed that "Ikea smell"... and of course there was me broken Korean singing and dancing (The song of the day was SHINee's Replay I think..) when ever I could (It's kinda like my own way to entertain myself when I am away from my laptop.) in Ikea (Yeah, got a bit more than the usual amount of stares, I wonder what I look like in someone else's eyes..?) and once in the lift when Mommy asked me to press the "G" button in the lift and I couldn't help but sing and dance Girl Generation's Gee all the way to the taxi, yeah, that's basically what we (I mean I.) did in KL.


Woke up (I mean "Got woken up") at 730AM, felt eggstreamilee sleepy since I stayed up finishing a new novel I borrowed from the library (Adds PJ library to the "What I did in KL" list.).
Had the usual bread plus some random edible spread (Today's was peanut butter if you must know.) I find for breakfast.

Blah blah blah.
King again.
Walk, trot, walk, trot.
You get the point.

Towards the end of my riding hour (Would you prefer me calling it the witching hour? Grin*) I was put back on the lunge (It's a fancy name for the leash they put the horse on to learn a new "move".) to learn how to CANTER!

It started off with a rising trot which then started to go EGGSTREAMILEE fast (But it felt EGGSTREAMILEE fun!) then King suddenly leaped a bit then it went CRAZZZEEEEE!

This explains how I felt at that exact moment: I felt as though as the horse was doing this pouncing running thing which was crazily fast (You feel this sudden rush of adrenaline pass through your whole body, the same feeling you get when you go down the "drop" of the roller coaster! Only this time you have reins not seat belts...) , I was losing my grip on the stir-ups (The metal stuff you put your feet in.) and my heels didn't feel like pressing down much, I was also losing my grip on the reins which was VERY scary since that was the only thing keeping me onto the horse, you have that exact same feeling you get when you go on a speed boat when the sea is super rough (I don't exactly enjoy "Sea transport" much since I get sea sick and after a while I actually started to get a bit "Horse sick" like the first time I tried the rising trot!) and there's lots of wind blowing in your hair, your heart feels kinda week, your tummy doesn't agree and it makes you horse sick, your mouth can't help but go "AHHHHHHHHHHH AHHHH AHHHHHHH!!" (I got yelled at to stop screaming and start doing that "Hip stomach" thing (To keep your butt onto the saddle, who knew it was so hard?) and follow the "Rhythm" of the horse which I found difficult like the first time I started with the rising trot, it was like starting horseback riding ALL over again) and... In other words my first round was... Scary?
Oh may I add that by the end of the lesson I ALMOST fell off King like 4-6 times! Blah.

I am not sure if I got better during the next few rounds but at least I got to feel what it was like to get the "Rhythm" for about 10 seconds before my stomach and hips got tired (It was my thighs when I first started the rising trot. The tiring level is about the same I suppose...)  and then I started my screaming (It's automatic since it felt roller coaster-ish.) and bouncing around the saddle again!
When the horse slowed down to a trot it felt heavenly!
I never knew I would be so happy trotting!

By the end of my lesson (I am not sure how long it was..) I was drop DEAD zombie tired, haven't sweated this much since... My first riding lesson!

Felt rather weak and my stomach still felt squeezy ( Never drink water before cantering unless of course... If you want to experience horse sickness.), at that time I wasn't sure if I was looking forward to my next lesson or not since there wouldn't be any walking or trotting.. Just cantering. Gulp* (And after cantering is... Galloping? And that's even faster than a canter, yikes.)
But there isn't any point stopping NOW right?!

Mommy's car was STILL in the workshop and Papa took his car to work so... We walked home.
Got to pick some rambutans (It isn't a proper word? I guessed that. So I clicked on it and what was the suggestion? Rambunctiousness... I wonder what THAT means but I am pretty sure it meant rambutan delicious.) from soooomeoones tree, too bad there we only two ripe ones in reach so I got to eat half of my rambutan and give the other half to Ean and Fai got one whole one, sob.

I am pretty sure I was walking at snail's pace or maybe slower... I think I saw a garden snail pass me when I was walking up that little slope...

Stopped by "Kak Yah", a little Malay makan shack for brunch.
The rice for my usual "Nasi goreng kampung without chili" wasn't cooked yet so I decided to have "Maggi goreng" and it turn out...
With a bit of soup + sugar, noodles, topped with PEANUTS (And squid, a prawn, some bits of chicken and vegetables)!    
It was the WEIRDEST "Maggi Goreng" I EVER had!
Who puts PEANUTS (They were fried in some batter I think...) in "Maggi Goreng"?!

Am now at home and feeling EGGSTREAMILEE lazy. Yawn*


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