Friday, July 15, 2011


A close up picture of my first (EVER! If you must know...) gum paste pig, stuffed a half eaten (I hope you can see the eaten part...) gum paste (Remember how I said I bought 2 tubs of Satin Ice's gum paste when I was in KL? Got to use it yesterday for Mr Piggy! Dries quick, I think quicker than Wilton's and it doesn't have those hard, dried up bits like Wilton's! Satin Ice, my new favorite gum paste. It's probably going to be some time before I can afford the fondant though...) chocolate chip in his hand, I think it was a very nice touch and the bow tie! Try spotting the stitch marks... Wanted to make a blue jeans jumper for it but I think it looks better nude, with a bow tie! Hahaha!

Oink... You probably guessed what this post is about already, yep you got it.
Say what?! Psshh... Are you SURE birds don't go "Oink"? 
I swear I heard a bird go "oink" yesterday...

Oh fine, you win.
Piggies go "oink"!
Like that one? Points above*

 Was pretty excited when I got an order from my Grandma (For her son's AKA my uncle's 40th birthday and he's born in the year of the pig so that's how the pig thing came around and she wanted the pig to be lazing around and holding up a sign that says "I AM 40"! Did some research on the net and browsed through my "Cartoony" cake books and this is what I came up with.) for this cake topper (Yeah, she didn't want her favorite butter cake, poo. Oh well I wouldn't have time to make it anyways, need to get to work on my competition cake! Have been delayed too much already!) since I have ALWAYS wanted to make a gum paste pig (Actually I like making any gum paste animal... Really hate those orders that I have to follow some Disney character because it limits my creativity, yuck.), probably my toothbrush holder is a pig and the rubber thing that it's made out off looks like gum paste so after staring at it twice a day... You would want to make it? Hahaha! I don't think it's a very good excuse but you'll have to deal with it!
Mr Piggy's picnic on a mud puddle (Yes, the cake topper is in two seprate pieces, was afraid if I put it on only one big mud puddle it would break when I transferred it onto the cake, so this was a my solution. Well, actually it was because I made the pig a little too fat and there wasn't enough space for the rest of the picnic so I had to roll out another brown piece of gum paste but I think the one up there sounds like a better explanation, doncha think so?).
Each baby blue plate is about an inch wide, so I guess you can estimate the size (Speaking about size.. Check out the silver, dusted it with silver luster dust but it doesn't show much in this photo, fork and the teaspoon which is even smaller in the photo above.) of the rest.
I didn't know making miniature food (Making the cake, I think it looks more like an orange cake than a chocolate cake like I planned..., was exceptionally fun! Playing with the runny royal icing and making the extremely tiny pink strawberries!) out of gum paste was so fun!
Let's hope I get more miniature gum paste food orders, yeah?   

The first thing that popped into my mind when my Grandma said she wanted a "lazy" pig I thought about it sitting down in a mud puddle (What's a pig without it's mud puddle? The mud puddle part probably came from this book I had, I think I still have it, about this YELLOW pig that lived in a farm with an elderly couple and it's pig sty had this nice soft mud he sleeps in and one day the farmer's wife decided to clean up his sty and sucked up all his mud so he decided to run away. So first he came across this swamp and he thought it looked soft and went it but he got attacked by the snakes and bugs who lived there so he decided to go some where else and somewhere else again, you get the point. And alas he wondered off into the city were he got stuck in the recently made tar road! So soon there was a huge crowd around the yellow pig and the poor elderly farmers that were looking everywhere for their lost pig found it and brought it back home and while he was away it rained so he had his mud puddle back! Oops... I think I got rather carried away with my story telling, so yeah, pigs must have their mud puddles!) and what's a pigs other favorite thing?
Errh... I mean.. FOOD! Yeah, food! Smiley face*

A not so close up view of Mr Piggy in his mud puddle with his good cuppa joe, I originally planned it to look like tea and I put three REAL cubes (Or crystals.) of sugar next to the cup, tiny teaspoon (Which was very fun making!... And not so fun dusting cause it didn't feel like keeping still.), a tiny pot of sugar (Also filled with real sugar crystals.) and the "I Am 40" sign my Grandma requested for which was painted freehand with some black gel food coloring, excuse my icing sugar shaker at the back, the sign is only meant to be stuck when we reach the party, don't want anything breaking/falling down during delivery!

Basically the whole set!
Just imagine a real cake underneath it not a piece of square styrofoam.  

Hope you enjoyed viewing lazy Mr Piggy as much as I (REALLY) enjoyed making him and his picnic!

May a pile of cupcakes fall on you right now,
Karen Cuppy Cake


  1. Hi Karen,

    love your errrr, creation. i'm so amazed at how talented you are. i don't really know when the cake competition thingie is gonna be. just wanna wish you good luck!! take care.

  2. Yooo JY!


    You are sooo talented! I've told everyone in my class about youuuz!