Wednesday, July 27, 2011

@ KL

It's now 1.36AM and I could just fall asleep anytime now but I have that "un-complete" feeling drifting around somewhere in my mind and to complete it.. I need to blog, haven't blogged much lately, I think.
Have been lazy, as usual.

Left the house at 730AM in my grandparent's Kembara, long story.. My Mom's car was in a workshop in PJ, my Grandparent's car broke down when they were in PD so they stayed here for an extra 2-3 days, they needed to do stuff in their farm in Melaka and the car still wasn't done yet so they used my Dad's car to drive there and THAT car broke down somewhere in Melaka, so we were carless for a day or two and we had SO much "instant" stuff (Instant noodles, roti canai, nuggets, mushroom soup and marmite soup etc.) that I actually got fed up (Imagine that...), so anyways, the Kembara was out of the workshop and we used that car to go down to KL and did I mention...? The air conditioning doesn't work. 

We (We= Mommy, Papa, me and Ean, left the other two boys at home.) kinda left early to avoid the sunnyness, yeah, I come from a family of vampires.

Wound down the windows to breath, by the time we reached KL (About 1 1/2 hours later..) I am pretty sure my face felt rather numb from all that find and my throat felt rather yucky and dry from all that smog, yuck.
Our first stop of the day was.. Back to my ol' neighborhood (It's nice being there again, I am not sure why. I just... Kinda miss it somehow I suppose there were a lot of memories created there, good ones.) to collect my Mom's car then have breakfast at our favorite "Mamak" shop that was next to the playground, Shannar Curry House I think it's called, it somehow doesn't seem to be spelt right over here but oh well.
It was our when Mommy-is-lazy-to-cook or when we got bored of Domino's (Why.don' DICKSON?! Pepperoni pizza... Mmmm...) place to eat and we ate there like.. At least 3 times a week!

I suppose I kinda missed my all time favorite "Maggi Goreng" (Fried instant noodles with vegetables and tofu which I usually push aside.), "Roti canai" and orange juice!
I think you can pretty much guess what I had, right?

After a hearty breakfast we (Mommy, me and Ean.) were dropped off at the PJ library, they were doing some rather not so major renovation and it was quite dark and abandoned looking (They ripped all the ceiling boards off and the return-borrow books counter..!) on the ground floor and it had a rather scary aura...
Made my way up the stairs (Using the lift alone feels even more scary this time round so I shall stick with my all time favorite stairs.) to the first floor, nothings changed, same books, same authors, it was getting boring..
When I find a new interesting series I borrow the whole thing then when I return it I am lost again, yeesh.
And of course, it was FREEZING and rather empty.. My borrowed-from-Mommy green scarf helped a bit but it was still hard to do anything, not long after I made my way down to a very dark room (It's usually pretty bright but I am not sure what happened.) called the "Kid's area", found Mommy and Ean there and decided to drag them to the cafe where it was warmer while we waited to get picked up, yawn.. I am getting sleepy so let's jump to Plaza Ampang City, hey! Did anyone realize it rhymes? 

We planned to go horse riding gear shopping earlier but we always seemed rather busy so it was postponed till today and of course, I felt rather excited, I always do when I get to go S-H-O-P-P-I-N-G!

Plaza Ampang City wasn't exactly what I expected it to be it was a rather old fashioned building with an ancient lift, the first thing I spotted when we were out of the lift was the "Equine KL" logo, actually it was the rows and rows of grand pianos on sale (For a split second I thought they were coffins..) but I suppose that doesn't count, eh?

 There were two "Equine KL" shops, one for the rider and one for the horse, didn't get to see the horse one though.

It was like horse rider's heaven in there, it was quite interesting to see what was inside a "Tack shop", the most interesting/amusing thing was probably the sunglasses that look two big huge fly eyes! 
Oh, and you would never guess how much the cost! I think I could have made my own out of mosquito netting and a small tea sieve and it would have costed... 1/4 Of the price! But who on earth wants to wear fly eye sunglasses?!

It was eye candy looking at the SHINee, whoops (It is kinda auto now,!), I mean shiny helmets (But the price tag certainly was very eye candyish, it was eye popping outish, I don't understand why helmets cost so much..) and the rainbow colored jodhpurs!
I absolutely LOVE the word "Jodhpurs" (It's a strange word and I somehow enjoy saying it a lot! Jodhpurs, jodhpurs, jodhpurs!), at least it sounds much better than horse riding pants and certainly VERY much more posh and a couple of steps later you come to this tiny room filled with riding BOOTS! 

Let's see, ever since I had feet (I am not sure when I didn't.) I have ALWAYS liked boots (I don't know why, I just like stompy boots but not high heeled ones unless there is a secret knife in the heel..) but never once did I get a pair of boots so... Fingers crossed?

Until today I had NO idea that jodhpurs came in so many colors!
It thought there would just be the standard black, khaki and brown but I did secretly pray taht they would have some other colors or purple and... WALAH!
They had this beautiful maroon purpleish colored pair on jodhpurs, mmm....  
Didn't have to look at the rest once I tried the purple pair of jodhpurs on.
Jodhpurs= The most comfortable pair of "fitting" I have ever worn pants next to leggings, my jeans felt rather/very hard when I changed back into it!

then, Then, THEN! (I kinda forgot how I got to this part..)
Ooh, look! A whole rack to choose from!
Brown boots, black boots (I wonder why they don't have a whole range of colors to choose from like the jodhpurs, I think I would suggest that to them.), lacy uppy boots, long farmer boots, short stumpy boots, zippy boots, hard stiff boots, soft furry boots! (Hahaha! I feel like Dr Suess, somehow. One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish!)
After trying all (Or almost all.) of the above I decided on a not too low (It's rather ugly and it looks like men's err... Office working shoes? And my jodhpurs are a little too short for me so it's going to look awkward unless I cover it up with chaps but I don't really need them yet so I didn't get them this time round, I don't think I will need them ever though..) or high (I LOVE high boots but too bad I had to get a custom made one because well... My feet are too big for my skinny legs so the boots don't exactly "hug" my calf and it looks as though as I am wearing RM10 "pasar malam" rubber boots! A custom made pair of boots cost 2-3 times more than the "un-custom" made ones!) pair, a nice black lace in the front (To adjust so it will "hug" your err... Lower calf?), zip at the back (So I don't have to re-tie them every single time.), black, stompy pair of boots!
I got booooots! Wheeepeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

It's always VERY nice when you get what you have always dreamed for and mine was: Black lace up boot and a pair of jeans that wasn't blue, khaki or black, I think I didn't exactly do the jeans part but still...
And they happen to be the MOST expensive pair of pants and shoes I have EVER bought, I guess I am very budgetty shopper, I remember Machika calling me a good "backpacker" (We plan to travel the world on a budget, we both agree that the funnest things in the world are travelling and eating!) on one of our shopping trips!

I think I will just fast forward this part a bit.. Pushes the fast forward button*
*Note: Read this part extremely fast so you get the fast forward effect.


If you managed to read all that.. CONGRATULATIONS, if not.. Too bad? Who knew my secret codes (I am a detective in disguise... I think I am a pretty bad one too.) were so hard, eh?

The last time I was here (And on the same floor! The 22nd and highest I think.), I was delivering the vet wedding cake.. I wonder if that was a good memory or a bad one..?

This weeks topic was: The need some villages have for clean water supply.
I know, it sounds VERY VERY boring, I thought that too, until the speaker, Siti Kassim started speaking...

The villages were Orang Asli (Direct translation: People Original, I think you may need to turn that around..) and 4 Orang Asli (2 Were getting sickish after less than 24 hours in KL! Proves how very polluted KL is compared to the outskirts..) from Gua (Or was it Gunung? I don't think they live in a cave.. Quick translation: Gua=Cave, Gunung=Mountain.) Musang, Kelantan joined us as well and they were all wearing tri color (Black, brown and yellowish, all natural, un-dyed! It took two hours to make one, I don't think I could ever be that patient..) hand weaved ratan bracelets, oh how much I love Malaysian Orang Asli handicraft (Actually I like any kind of "crafted" jewelry but this one's Malaysian and un-plastic so it's a wee bit more special to me.)!

Siti spoke about the "issues" the 18 Orang Asli tribes around peninsula Malaysia had but more onto the water side, in a way that made me hang onto her every word because well... It was certainly very interesting.

How the government intrude into their land without their permission, start clearing their land to plant oil palm or just logging, their rivers and streams become clogged up with eroded soil, chemical from the I-am-not-sure-what-I-kinda-forgot, it becomes so filthy that they cannot bath in it cause the chemical eats into their skin or gives them skin disease, let alone drink it.
Then one of the Orang Asli men spoke up and said that it looks so much like tea you just needed to add sugar to drink it!
At that moment I kinda pictured the "tea" going down your throat and eating all the organ-tissue-thing (Oh dear, how on earth can I forget what it's called?! I think I just failed my biology test.) it passes like acid, eek, scary thought..
And then they are moved away from their land to some very small "shacks" to live in that were only a feet apart from each other and they were promised to have electricity (There is an electricity pole there and wires to the house but no electricity running through it..) and clean water but that didn't happen and not long after the shacks started collapsing...

It was a rather pitiful and inspiring (Somehow.) speech that I enjoyed lots, I am feeling very sleepy now so I shan't continue..

P.S Did you know Karen is a name of a an Orang Asli tribe?! And the women like lots of jewelry and beads, just like me!       

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