Saturday, July 23, 2011


I have a feeling I haven't posted in ages, I wanted to but after writing half a post I got, as usual... Lazy. Grin*
Anyways just in case you were wondering what I wanted to post about it was about our trip down to KL on... Thursday to the science center since Mommy organized another one of her lab experiment trips there, the boys went for some air/parachute experiment/making thing and I went for some robotics with Lego thing.

Let's see we were there a COUPLE of hours early, I think we were there at 11+ when the lab session things were supposed to start at 230 PM so we had a bit of brunch (I don't think we had anything before leaving PD so I suppose it's more of a breakfast.) at the Malay cafe that was right outside the science center, the last time we visited the cafe, it was newly renovated and VERY empty but at least now they had some Malay "Chap fun" (Lets see that's basically... Rice and a range of dishes to choose from and pile on top of your rice.) and my syrup, no Malay meal is complete without my rose syrup (It's basically sugar and lots of pink food coloring, I wonder if it was made with real squashed roses last time? As in a.. Few hundred years ago? Or maybe it didn't even come from Malaysia... Oh well if it were made out of squashed roses I wouldn't get my beautiful pink tongue after drinking a whole cup!)!

After brunch I kinda remembered how super freezing the library (Had a feeling that we were going to hang around there for awhile since I was dragging some very heavy library books around for some time..) was (For the past... 10 visits I became a human bag of frozen butter cream.) and decided to borrow my Mom's green sarong scarf thingy to wrap around my neck and that made me feel rather posh so I decided to do my fancy posh, flippy hair (I mean scarf.) walk (I always seem to do that when I feel "posh" and I can't exactly describe  what I have to do to feel posh... Oh well, at least you know wearing a scarf is one of them.) back to the building which made burst out laughing less than... 2 Minutes, it's funny how I can never succeed in doing that.

Decided to walk around the science center (Oh right! The first section was this dark place with lots of LED lights that reminded me of one of my favorite kapoop songs, Lucifer! I mean the Lucifer set for the music video so I kinda mind sang that song for the entire day...) for a while and explore the un-explored... Mysterious eyebrows face* Found a MIRROR maze! The temptation of posing throughout the whole maze was too hard to resist... 
Oh right and there were fake walk ways AKA glass panes, I think by the end of the maze I had a rather flat nose. Sniff*   

Heard a couple of bumping into the glass with noses and they weren't mine...
Turned around to find Fai (He looks more interested in looking at the mirror instead of the camera..)! Took another photo! Smiley face*

My next favorite exhibit!
The run-into-a-red-wall-of-chopsticks thing!
I (Sob!*) NEVER enjoyed running into a wall quite this much before! 
(Pull the lever to run into the wall again*)

The other side! 

After a quick visit to the library we Never mind the rest was pretty much  not that fun, to me the person that enjoys mirror mazes and running into walls!

So anyways I just wanted you guys to have a peek at the first two (Uncompleted, see? No borders and the cake board is rather... White.) tiers of my entry for the cake competition.
Will post random sneak peeks till it's finished!


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