Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Horsying around

Mmm... Another lesson came and.. Gone.

Got woken up at 630AM, oh mai ughness.
It was still pretty dark when I was dragging my self out of bed (Which made me want to go back into soft, comfy, warm bed and not go down to to morning chilliness..) but it soon brightened up..

Fai was pretty grumpy this morning (Maybe because our usual "Horseback-riding-waking-up-time" is at 8AM, earliest.) and he didn't feel like having breakfast, I wonder how he survived (Saw him sneak a piece of gum into his mouth before leaving the house, so that's his secret! Hmm... I wonder where he disposed of it.) his "training"... 

Mommy drove, so super glad I ain't cycling..!

When we reached all the horses were out in the grassy "Horse grazing pens"? nibbling at the grass, me and Fai went around hugging those that were close to the "Ropey fences".
I love hugging horses.. They are so warm, big, fluffy manned and of course they have nice fur, even though its short, I personally like long fur more and they have THAT smell... A horse smell, like dogs have a doggy smell, horses have horsey smell! And it somehow smells quite good too...

Fai went up on King (Again..) first today, Han was still at home, snoring. 
Up, down, up, down, up, down, up, down he went, he is doing the rising trot as well, he is rather good at it despite his short legs on humongous king... 

After an hour of being slobbered and being "mudded" by Bob and Marley, it was MY turn! Hahaha!
Oh no.. The rising trot again, pfft.
Uppa, downa, Uppa, Downa.. (It got sunny after a while and the only thing I wanted at that moment was proper sunglasses not my "half way, neither long or short" fringe that were going into my eyes! Who knew hair could be this disturbing? Didn't eat any apples before riding today, RESULT! No stitch! Or getting horse sick! Smiley face* But there was this "Skin scraped off due to gripping to hard to the saddle bruise on my err... Beside my knee." and that plus the hair was as annoying as the stitch, yeesh. Okay so for the next riding lesson, tomorrow: No apples, Use calves instead of knees to grip and probably clip my fringe up. I am a very hoping I wouldn't have to add anymore to THAT list!)  

While trotting today I was asked to "release" the short rope that was attached to the saddle and just use the reins, which made me wobble (And I held the reins a bit too high up because I felt more comfortable but that soon got corrected..) a bit but it felt so much better once I had gotten used to it! 
It was as though I had a better "connection" with the horse, I felt Neytiri riding that Avatarish horse (Now I just need to grow my hair like REEAAALLLYY long and put it into a plait and do that "connection" thing..! And maybe paint myself blue...), super cool!
Spent the next 30 minutes pretending to be well... Historical people that rode horses. Smiley face* 

Then... THEN... I was released from the trainer's leash! 
Did I forget to tell you? I was kept on a leash (Which was pretty long but it is a whole new thing when you are by YOURSELF!) for the first 3 lessons and part of the fourth...
But now I am free to kill and terrorize as I please, MWAHAHAHAHA! 
And that feeling when you trot extremely fast (Thy helpless people were telling me to slow down, hahaha! Too bad! Am not on a leash anymore!) and you are the one in control of where you want to go in the "Sandy horse training pen", awesome.
Best lesson so far!


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