Sunday, July 31, 2011


Yeah, not very long ago Casey (Chestnut brown with white stockings, my favorite type of horse.) was actually KC but I think I prefer Casey more than a short formed name, after today's lesson I think I realized what KC meant, I have a feeling it's krazykicking Casey..!

Well just to get you a bit more excited, I actually (Let's see, I rode Casey on my second lesson with that instructor that never returned and I kinda fell but not to the floor, hugged it's neck until I was helped off, so I don't really think that's considered a fall, right? Oh fine, half fall, happy?) fell off Krazykicking Casey.
Okay enough, let me torture you with the boring stuff. MWAHAHA?

Today I got Casey because... I am not exactly sure why but I think it's because I won't get too used to riding King and if I get put on another horse I won't be able to ride it?

I should skip the waking up, breakfast and leaving the house and reaching the stables part...
If you need to know I woke up at a VERY chilly 7AM, had a piece of buttered toast for breakfast and we reached the stables pretty early so we got to play with the horses a bit.

Getting on Casey seemed easier than King, it's either his shorter or I am getting better.. Or maybe both?

Did the usual walking x6 rounds, I was pretty surprised on it's ability to not do the sleep walk (King enjoys doing that when he isn't fully awake yet or during the early morning lessons.) or trot but at the perfect walking speed which was quite hard get obtain when I was riding King because first he would do his groggy sleep walk and when I ask him to go faster AKA kick him, he starts trotting!
I guess I was somewhat pleased with it's walking since I didn't have to kick (Trust me... Kicking the horse lightly for 6 rounds is quite tiring, I told you the rider does more work than the horse!) him much and I could reeeellaaaaxxx... And leave my waist loose to follow his err.. Walking rhythm thing. I felt pretty jellyfishy!

I was pretty shocked when I asked it to trot because I would usually kick King a lot (He's stubborn, trust moi. And lazy.. And 6 years older than Casey.) and do that "tsk tsk tsk" clicking tongue thing before it started to move while I only had to double click and Casey would "Vroooooooooooooooooom", that kinda pumped a lot of adrenaline (And a half a second panic!) around my head!

It was SOOOO fun going super speedy trotting (Rising trot, sitting trot isn't possible at that speed! It is possible but I don't exactly feel like bouncing my head off!) around the "Sandy training pen", I was the only one there (Fai was there too but he was in the middle so it doesn't bother me much.) and it was kinda awesome seeing the mist of sand behind you, very good for pretending you are in some Wild westish scene! The only thing that is missing is the cactus, your cowboy hat and rope!

then, Then, THEN... I decided to practice the jumping position thingy (Lift ya butt off the saddle when your horse is trotting and basically just balance on your stir ups while leaning forward a little, it REALLY tests your balancing skills! And mine apparently isn't all that good..) which I learnt during the last lesson, too lazy to blog about that since the only thing new was the jumping preparation, I really had no clue that I was going to be doing the jumping over hurdles thing...

It was pretty hard to figure out what speed it was going at and little did I know it was going to start to canter!
So while I was balancing on the stir ups it started to canter without my knowledge!
Obviously I lost balance did the hug-neck-thing but somehow my hands slipped a little and plop on the sand I went!
The only thing that was on my mind at that time was probably "Please don't stomp on me!"!
When Casey stopped (I didn't get dragged around, I still have no idea how my feet got out of the stir ups so easily! Well I am VERY glad my feet didn't get stuck in the stir ups cause I would probably be dragged if I didn't!) I got up and dusted the sand off (The only thought in my head then was probably "Oh mai JODHPURS!! It looked as though as I was wearing sand more than a pair of jodhpurs!) and hopped back on Casey without the instructor teaching Fai's knowledge!
I think he caught me climbing back on, I remember his eyes nearly popping out as he came running!

I still have no idea what I did since I didn't get even a scratch or even an aching joint!
Oh well, hooray for meee!
A very good lesson learnt, don't try new "moves" on a new horse (That you don't know how fast it can go.), it may get scary but it's always good learning it this way instead of someone/your instructor telling it to you because... It doesn't seem to really get drilled into your brain.

Just after I got on the owner (Auntie Zarina's husband if you remember me mentioning her name from one of my previous horsey posts.) of the horsey academy (Justa make it sound FIAANNNCYYY, hahaha!) came running and apologizing that he was late and when the staff called him to say that I was already on Casey he started rushing here!
He asked me if I cantered already, I said yes, he said me if I fell, I said yes, see? I am always one step ahead of everyone, hah!
Then I got asked if I was alright or not and I replied (Maybe snapped, can't really remember.) "I AM alive right?!", that's my typical reply when someone asks me that dumb question, I mean, why ask if I look alright? Weird face*

Stopping Casey (I seem to get more tired riding Casey, I think it is quite obvious why! And it's harder keeping Casey collected, err.. Head tuck down and more likely to follow instructions? So I did that pull left rein, pull right rein so much that I kinda have a bubbly blister on one ring finger and some skin peeled of on the other one. Just in case you were wondering you don't use your pinky as the last finger when you grip the reins, you use your ring finger and thumb to lock the reins in place. Pinkies up and pretend you are having a nice cuppa tea!) was another problem cause I needed to pull my hands, wait, wrist off and bounce around in the saddle a bitlot (You're not suppose stop with your butt floating in midair, hahaha!), I am not sure what's more tiring.. Riding him or stopping him!

I think the rest of the lesson went quite alright, not my best but ookkkaaayy I suppose and as usual the 1 1/2 hours zoomed by too quickly!

When I got home I found a ton of sand in my boots, socks and jodhpurs, no wonder it felt rather uncomfortable...



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