Sunday, July 10, 2011

Its raining horses!

We were supposed to go riding yesterday but it started raining humongous horses at dawn, ugh! 
We couldn't ride even after it stopped because then the "Sandy training pen" would be muddy and it causes the horse to stumble and then you get thrown off the horse, not exactly my idea of fun.

Woke up at 8AM or something like that this morning (Panicked a bit because I saw the sunshine peaking through my curtains!) and wondered why Mommy didn't come storming into my room and waking me up. 
For a second I actually thought of getting out of bed and waking everyone up but then well... You could say I was rather lazy then I drifted off to sleep again, 5 minutes later...
KNOCK KNOCK! Wake UP! Do you realize what time it is?! 
It was my Dad not my Mom.. Strange. 

Stuck a fat PoohBear plaster on my blister like wound (I don't think it was really needed since the would looked rather dried up already but.. Oh well!), pulled on my "riding" jeans, grabbed a peanut buttered slice of bread and pulled on my shoes at the same time (It was pretty tough, lemme tell you that.) and off we went!

Got dropped off @ the stables with Fai, our horses (King and Ali, I got King, Fai got Ali.) were already all saddled up so we could get on top and ride right away, woo hoo!
I have to admit while walking in I felt a wee bit nervous since I haven't been riding in three days (It's considered a long time when you used to riding every day!)!
Did I mention how much I love getting on top on the horse and down? It just gives you this awesome feeling that you were able to get up on an animal taller than you and the feeling when you let go off the saddle and drop, it just makes your heart stop for a moment. It's that exact same feeling when you reach "drop" of the roller coaster track! 

It felt so good to have my helmet (Even though I am not much of a helmet person.), riding gloves and that little stick on and with me again. It just makes you feel "professional" I suppose... And it is a nice feeling, right?

Today I had to "warm" up King by walking him walk clockwise trice around the "Sandy training pen" then anti before starting with the trot so that way both the rider and the horse would be warmed up!
And I kept getting shouted "Back straight and relax!", how on earth can you have a straight, relaxed back?! Blinks*

Casey's (Another horse which I rode on only once.) "Grassy graing pen" was next to the "Sandy training pen" so he kinda charged toward me and king when ever we passed and tried to nip at us!
It felt pretty scary!

Not long after I started trotting the sky started to "gloom" up and not long after tiny rain drops fell on my helmet, pitter patter pitter... 

Actually trotted like 3 full rounds around the "Sandy training pen"! 
My secret?
The wind was howling in my ears and the faint raindrops = BLISS.
It felt goooooooooood! t
But soon it the faint raindrop became big huge Buffalo ones and I had to get off King!
Fai got down like five minutes earlier and was sobing because he had a blister on one of his fingers from the reins! 
I am glad I got my gloves before it started (My ring fingers were already getting redish and painfullish, ouchy.)  to "blister up"!

We sat down next to the empty horse stable drinking our water, watching the rather wet horses that were in the "Grassy grazing pens" run (With the stable boy or something like that of course.) to their stable (Watching the ponies run were exceptionally funny since they have such short, fat bodies and a huge head...), the wet muddy dogs coming to us for attention and getting us all muddy and of course there was the grumpy fly/Fai..

Auntie Zarina (She owns the horsey place.) asked Fai if he want a plaster for his blister, he doesn't exactly like plasters so he shook his head and started crying all over again.
Then she asked Fai if he wanted a red bandage, the ones they use for the HORSES!
He was rather reluctant at first but as soon as I said "I want to see itttt!", he wanted it.
So I had a red bandage on my in very good conditioned hand and Fai had it too on his not in very good conditioned hand!
I like the fact that its made out of this rubbery, stretchy, holey moley red thing, you can take it out and put it back on and it's for HORSES! Who cool is THAT?!

Okay that's about it for today! 



Dear Zeus,
Make the sky rain (Lightning the sky up to your hearts content too.) as much as you want on Monday (It's horse resting day, remember?) but I want CLEAR blue skies on Tuesday!
Or at least the whole of Tuesday mornin', ya hear me?!   


Did my usual kapooping right after I had my shower and... I found a new favorite song!
I have no idea why but this cheesy song makes me smilee!
I guess it's that weird aunto-tuning they used to make their voices so funny!


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