Friday, July 8, 2011


Just a random post since I haven't posted anything today (It's alright to ignore this random post if you to since I will be going horseback riding tomorrow so stay tuned for it okay? Will try making something interesting happen when I am riding.. Like perhaps.. Fall off the horse? Hahaha! Poo, Mommy just told me that it was going to be postponed to Saturday, sob.), am busy working with CAAAKKEE (Man. I had absolutely no idea that I missed caking so much! Started 2 days ago was super lazy! My excuse for being lazy: Kapoop, you know what that means right?), for the first time very in my very dusty and cluttered (Okay.. I think I kinda regret saying that but.. Ehh.. Never mind! Just pretend you didn't see that okay?) cakery, don't worry no one's going to eat it unless that person likes fondant and RI on Styrofoam, that is...

Anyways, lets start my little name it (I wonder how THAT name popped up, oh well..!) game!

Today (As in what makes me happy today, DUH? It's 1.15AM the next day now, does it still count? Oh well let's put it this way... The day before today, today and the actual today, happy?!) happynurse is:
  1. Papa passing me a aluminium can tab he found when he was out, it's so nice when "people" remember your little projects. I think I mentioned in one of my posts that I was collecting bread chip and can tabs to make a chandelier, right? 
  2. Chatting on Facebook and seeing one of your friends (Fine, I'll admit it, BLOOREGARD!) use one of the words you (I mean, I made up but it sounds a little awkward don't you think?) made up, an eggzamplah (I like the word "Blah" so I use it a lot at the end of my words.): My "Eggzaclee" (Can't decode it? It means "Exactly" in KCC language, invented it some time back..) is one of the ever popular ones and it is even better when they try to make up their own words with the (Awesome.) KCC language, usually it's all the "Eggs" or "Ex" words that you can think off.
  3. Listening to some kapoop (Oh I just realized! ANOTHER made up word! Let's see how many there are in this post.. Come on kids count with me! Use some Sesame street monster's voice* Preferably Elmo* Or Big bird* Or.. You get it!)... Every time you catch the laptop free. Let's see, Mommy enjoys hogging my but I think it is more of an our but it's SUPPOSED to be mine but never mind... laptop to do her blogging and she takes an eggstreemilliepead (Hah! How many made up words so far? I think I should make a whole post out of made up words once you followers get used to it!) doing so, yeesh. Wait I think I take longer, oh well! And listening to it after horseback riding is even more heavenly, ahh... I think I should stop now, since people get bored out of their minds once I start kapooping, right?
  4. Holding a #1L piping bag filled with morbid BLACK RI and having a whole white cake for you to pipe on... And letting your imagination do the rest of the work (When I do that it somehow always turned into this henna, lace like thing, yeesh.. But it is VERY beautiful, sometimes I wish my imagination could do something else though...) while you sing your (I mean mine but it always sounds better when I say you/your instead of I, I have no idea why..) favorite kapoop songs in broken Korean and skipping a couple of parts (What do you call them again? Bridges, verses and the chorus right?) to get to your favorite part of the song when you are getting to the fine piping details so you won't feel so nervous and jumpy and when you get over jumpy you start broken dancing (I am horrible at singing, lets just say I have a horrible voice and dancing so I always do it when no ones around me, I don't eggzaclee count my cakes as people..) and singing around your cake room and getting back to work once all the jumpiness has gone.. Then finding out your cake room isn't sound proof, nice.     
  5. Seeing that the blogs you followed (Preferably the non-cake ones but a CakeWreck a day never fails to make me laugh!) posted LOADS today or seeing a comment (That's eggstreemilliepead rare though...) or two (Doubt it!) or maybe just plain 50+ views on my blog per day, I just feel really happy when I know people actually listen to what I say, unlike reality. Or maybe just some "fresh" newspapers Papa brought back home, I have no idea why.. But I do enjoy seeing "new" reading material, even though it's just a newspaper.
  6. Watching Avengers (I have always enjoyed watching "Super hero", okay fine, Marvel cartoons..) with your (Oh no! Not that "your" thing again..) brother and fighting over the couch with the seat that is right in front of the tellie and then you end up sitting on each other like a hamburger cause no one feels like giving way!
  7. Starring randomly at something and then realizing that "Won't that be awesome if I used THAT design and put it there? On that tier of the cake?", then feeling extremely proud of yourself for finding a random inspiration! 
Okayt here I am ending this random post cause it's 1.50AM, we just got back from watching Transformers3 (I think I preferred the first two better, what do you think?) in Seremban!  


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