Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sitting Trotty Day

No, it's not because I haven't ridden in a long time it's because I didn't blog about the last 2 lessons since nothing new/interesting happened, just the usual walking (6 Rounds around the "Sandy training pen" to "warm up" the horse.), rising trotting (After finishing the 6 rounds of walking.) and cantering (Towards the end of the lesson when the horse and the rider is all "warmed up" or half exhausted, it's a half empty half full cup thing I think. To me it's usually half exhausted.), also learnt how to the the collected walk but it's such a small thing so I didn't blogging about it in case you fell asleep since the rest of the lesson was about the same! 

Went for the evening riding session today.. Yay! Got to sleep at 1AM, finally! After all those sleep at 10PM days, yeesh.
Papa went off to KL with the car and Mommy's car was STILL in the work shop, so guess what? We walked in the HOTTT afternoonish sun.

Me (Without hat, I hate hats, they don't help with the sun, they just help to cook your head more, pulling a "Auntie-go-market" cart that had our bottles, sandwiches and other stuff in it.), Fai (In his brown cowboy hat.), Ean (In Han's soldier hat that was rolled up so he could see.) and Han (In his blue riding helmet!) walking to the Horsey place.

It was SO super hot this afternoon I could actually feel the tar road burning and the hot steam rising up, it felt rather saunaish, by the time we reach we were drenched in sweat already! 

When we reached the stables we were 10-15 minutes before the lesson so we horsed around with the horses.
That's Numa (The 6-7 month old foal that was born there.) biting my orange orangutan shirt (From now on I hereby swear that I will only wear orange t-shirts for horseback riding so that I look like a walking carrot and all the horses will love me, MWAHAHA! I am such an evil genius!) and it somehow is because it reminds her (And probably the other horses as well but she's the only one that lets me touch her super FLUFFY ears, the other older horses like to head butt me when I do so, so this is my way of repaying her, by letting her bite holes in my shirt. I love animals with fluffy ears, I know it sounds weird but horses have fluffier and softer ears than dogs! Another reason to like horses if you are a fluffy ear loving person like me.) of carrot and she (Speaking about baby horses... I love their fur! It's 10 times softer and fluffier than the adult horses! I love hugging them fluffy horses but big ones are fine to, I just love hugging them big, fat, fluffy, warm animals!) loves my watch (But I find her licking and biting my watch rather disgusting since I don't actually wash my watch so there will be baby horse germs there...) too! 

She left some chewed up hay on my shirt... Yuckeo.
Doesn't it look like an upside down volcano?! (Oolala, Numa is an artist!)

Me and Ali (And one of my brother's hands.. Most probably Fai's.).
He (Kinda got confused between Ali and King at first but you can tell them apart because Ali has a white spot on his fore head and King doesn' t and Ali's skinnier too.)looked a bit grumpy, grouchy, moody and down today so I decided to pat and hug him extra, did I mention that I LOVE hugging horses?! They are so hugable (And the smell nice and... Horseyish.)... Smiley face*   

Me doing... Doing... I am not sure what I was doing.

When the lesson started I did the usual walking and (Rising) trotting (Both collected, my fingers felt as though I was going to fall of by the end of today's riding session!) with King around the rectangular "Sandy training pen" (I don't think I consider this part a "lesson".) then I got called into the middle of the "Sandy training pen" to start on the sitting trot (Heard that this one earns a lot of points in competitions and today I just found out why... But it is still doable not impossible if I put my mind to it and I will definitely put my mind to it!)!

Which is basically... Sitting instead of rising and SO much harder!
 First of all you had to "loosen" from your waist down so you don't bounce up and down, found it pretty tough (And I am a very tense person so relaxing is... Hard.) since I still had to keep my heels down and it's not very relaxing.
To help sit on the saddle I had to kinda push my bellybutton/stomach up (And I had to keep my hands/reins down to the saddle, ugh! I hate my "bounce everywhere hands" bad habit of mine..) every time King went one step forward and that was certainly VERY tiring and not long after I had that I got the stitch (It was said that I have weak stomach muscles and I was going to feel this way until it's "built". ARGHHHH! Rolls eyes*) again, so now it was tiring (But I somehow got the "rhythm" a bit so I didn't bounce around that much and it wasn't all THAT tiring as the first few minutes, how knew keeping your butt down on the saddle was so much more tiring than going up and down?) AND painful (Speaking about painful, my entire upper body has been aching like CRAZY for the past... 2-3 Day! I find it hard to do anything when it is like so, it's almost as though as I am paralyzed but it goes away when I get up on the horse but I soon get the stitch and that's equally as painful, oh well.), GAH.   

And right after that it was time to CANTER (I actually got asked if I wanted to do so or not, I said yes because I didn't feel exhausted enough to stop! I didn't reach the almost fainting limit yet, even though learning the sitting trot drained quite a lot of energy..)! 
Now I find myself looking forward to cantering instead of keeping away from it because it's so fun and wiiinddyyyy (It's nice feeling your sweat blow away... Wheeeee!)!
Today's cantering felt so natural and relaxing but soon it did get rather tiring and I had to go from clockwise to  anti and some how my balance was all over the place and things got a wee bit scary, my fingers felt like as though they were REALLY about to drop off and the reins kinda... Slipped out out of my left hand so I decided to stop the horse and when I did I kinda... Collapsed on the back of King's sweaty furry neck from exhaustion and that's when I knew I did enough for the day.
Mmm... I love how horseback riding makes water seem so precious, it's simply heavenly having a bottle of water in your hands after getting down from your horse!


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