Sunday, July 3, 2011

Riding lesson 3

Eh, let's see..
Another early horsey morning, I find it a bit ugh-ish somehow, like I usually do when I have to wake up anytime before 10AM but 4AM is fine, maybe cause I didn't actually fall asleep that much, dragging my self out of bed at 8AM for two days in a row isn't very easy, I wonder how school going kids do it everyday. (Woo hoo! Did you stop to count the amount of comas in that sentence? I wonder if you are allowed to use that many..)

Grabbed a slice of bread+butter before hitting the road with my bicycle (Today's our first time trying to cycle to the "Horse ranch", not something I would be recommending anyone else to do unless you enjoy something called "Self torture".) that had Han on the back very-uncomfortable-metal-seat and Papa and Fai behind on Papa's silver bicycle.

It was storming during dawn so the morning air was pretty (Sniff*) cold!

My petite instructor was no where in sight today, sob. I learnt quite a lot from him yesterday, so his disappearance was quite disappointing.
Rode King (He was just getting "dressed' when we got there so I ate a few slices of apples that were from Mommy's picnic bag again while waiting..) again today, after Han AND Fai. I was quite restless and fidgety by the time Fai was done, was the first one up on the horse for the first two days so waiting was.. Strange? Oh well at least I had Bob and Marley, 2 of the "friendlier" ("Branded" but I am not exactly sure what breed they are because I have never actually seen this particular breed so I can't really recall and remember but they don't look "Branded" at ALL. I think they were some sort of Labrador.. They had really fluffy ears though! Dogs with fluffy ears are always nicer then stand uppy not much fluff ones, right?) dogs (More like puppies actually, they are just a few months old.) they had at the ranch, to play with!

Once I got onto King it was just the "Rising trot" for the next whole hour!
I was able to do it pretty easily I suppose, up, down, up, down, up, down, yeah, you get the point and absolutely no bouncing around in the seat! 
Two lessons ago or basically my first lesson it was "When would this horse ssstttttooooooppp bouncing me around?! Bounces around the saddle, up down, bounce around, up, bounce around some more, up, down, up, down, bounce around and lose balance and pulls reins* Screams mentally*", today it was "Lalalalalalala.. Up, down, up down, up, down* How many rounds have we been going around already? Am getting booorreeeeddd...". Grin*
The breeze while I was riding today was.. Pure awesomeness. Felt like a princess today.
I think I would request to learn a different "trot" the next time round, on Tuesday, Monday's are the horsies rest day.

The last few rounds were slightly painful though, had a rather bad side stitch, must have been those apples, shouldn't have eaten them. Oh well, I think it will just be a slice of bread next time. Also, I forgot to add in that in the last/second lesson I felt "Horse sick" (It's like getting car sick I suppose, you feel puke-ish.) at the end, I blame the apples again! No more apples for me before riding!

As usual (Hah! I made it sound as though I have been riding for agggeeeeessssss! Right, right, right?!) I was drenched in sweat by the time my hour was up and of course I had the "Woo hoo! Another lesson completed!" feeling which makes you feel rather proud of yourself!

Cycling back home was... TORTURE! I couldn't even get on top of my bicycle properly, horseback riding does some weird thing to my legs which makes it slightly disabled. 3 small hills (Doesn't seem all that small when you start cycling up it, trust me.) and the hot Malaysian after noon sun don't go to well in my option and of course if you are already tired and you barely have enough energy to take off your riding helmet, my hands were shaking a bit, I don't really know why... Err, you get the point.

Am currently rewarding myself with oodles of SHINee and a bit of GG I suppose... It's funny how I can never keep that, points at the SHINee and GG* out of my current posts!


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