Saturday, December 25, 2010

Year 2010

I guess it isn't too early to post about my most probably favorite year in my entire life, 2010!

Well first of all here is my current FaceBook status:  2010.Was.AWESOME! Why? I got from just THAT girl to the person I have never dreamed of becoming. Who knew it could all happen in one year?

The person that would never dream of becoming in year 2009 would be a cake artist. 
I never knew I could reach that high... But amazingly, I did.
It does feel rather awesome thinking about it now... 
In year 2009 and part of year 2010 all I wanted was just to fit in... Yeah, why did I want to? 
I guess it just felt important at that time, now I DON'T care at ALL! 
I don't find it important (At all! Well... I do have SOME very close friends that accept me the way I am and I like that fact that they like the real ME not some fake outer shell that I tried putting on a few years back which of course didn't work!) to fit in with the well, cool and boring people who are my age that are always bored ( I found the 'cool' people and me that was trying to fit in boring and I was bored when I tried being someone that I can't.)?  

I kinda like being different this days.. Somehow! I feel unique and special not awkward and different. 
I am glad I finally managed to break out of that 'mold' and find myself again this year. 
Not only did I just find myself but I also managed to find my passion and/or the 'thing' that I am supposed to be doing in life. 
Instead of just describing my self as a un-schooler (Long story!) I feel more comfortable calling my self a cake artist... It's amazing! I looked back at my cakes that I made earlier this year and compared to the one that I just finished making and delivering today!
Check out my latest cake: Tiger Lily Cake 

On my cake decorating path this year I stumbled upon other arts that I felt passionate about like paper craft, polymer clay-ing and almost every other type! 
I love art, art is beautiful... 
I managed to survive and conquer the Wilton courses 1, 2, 3 and 4, The 5 days Squire's Kitchen intensive diploma (Man! That was some CRAZY cuckoo 5 days! I would have gone mad and insane if it were 6!), 2 3 day long CupcakeKarens cupcake booths these cake-y events? (I am horrible at finding good words for sentences!) year! 

I plan to conquer more the next...  

I kinda shocked? amazed? dazzled? (One of those type of words!) myself when I see how far I have gone within a year... 

Just this afternoon I was using my laptop in my caking room and my tiger lilies were behind me. 
Every time I turned and looked at my tiger lilies, I keep thinking to myself if I really DID make them... It just didn't seem possible, but it was and it was there right in front of me. 
I shed a happy and a proud tear... It was an amazing thought. 
I guess nothing is impossible even when you have lost your self, it is possible to find your self again and this time, stronger.. 

Haha! I feel so wise all of a sudden!! Yeesh... 

Well all I wanted to say was... 

Year 2010 was a life changing year for me! 
I hope the next year would be just as awesome as this one, or I will just make it be! 


Merry Christmas and a Hair-pee new year!

~Karen Cuppy Cake

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  1. I could really relate to this even though I don't do baking but because I've been through this and I hope you've found your true friends. I have yet to find mine though. You are amazing an an inspiration to many other people out there and keep doing what you're doing. You'll be reaching the stars before you know it! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!