Wednesday, August 25, 2010


(Left: Worm-ary)
Just yesterday I found 2 REALLY tiny red earthworms (I THINK they are earth worms... i am not sure...) in the mossy part of the drain cover in our backyard!

I was REALLY happy for I like keeping pets that dont need much/any care! (Yeah...I get happy rather easily!)

I have a self-raising flour (A.K.A Wee beatle... that is what I call em'!) weevil-ary (They have been living for um a year already?) and used to have a watercress snail/slug-ary (They died when the vege rotted! Should have kept them in the fridge?), 4 fishes in the fish-ary and rice weevil-ary! (I forgot what happened to them!)
Oh yes and me and Eu Fai's 6 cactus from Cameron Highlands... Well they are kinda like pets because you still have to 'feed' them :D

So I got a new edition to my collection so alive stuff! Ha ha!!

For the new worm-ary I put it some soil (Which I had dampen a little because it looked rather dry...) and some left over carrot and cabbage from the vegetable puff(Which I hope will rot soon because Mommy said that they only eat rotten stuff...)!

Today when I went out to water the cactus, feed the fish and last of all check on my worm-ary!


The whole worm-ary place was filled (Yeah I didn't cover the container because i taught they needed fresh air!) with small tiny black ants!
And there were HOLES in the carrot! (But NOT the cabbage... Hm I wonder why! Maybe it has too much pesticide...)
Oh well once I pick the container up they ran away...
I still didn't close the container with the cover because... Umm... Oh well I just cant think of a good reason!

Oh and i could NOT spot the worms...
I wonder if they are died... Hmm...


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