Saturday, August 7, 2010

Before P.D 2

(Picture above: Our lovely beach .)
Papa is having lunch and I hope I am able to blog more HOPEFULLY!

We will be meeting my Poh poh, Koong koong and my cousin Caryn there, I cant wait!

Will blog about Port Dickson when I get back home :)

Oh and about the wedding cake...
The top 2 tiers are done :)
I experienced a couple of cracks in the royal icing so I had to redo but it was OK I suppose...
Now the top 2 tiers are wrapped in cling wrap and waiting for my to do string work on them!
I cant wait to get started on the string work!
But first i would have to ice the bottom 3 tiers... Ugh!
Am getting a bit sick of icing the cakes already ha ha!!
Really excited about the string work part...
It is going to be SO fun!!

OK Port Dickson here I cooooooome~!


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