Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cameron Highlands Tomorrow!

Wheeeheee! I cant wait to leave for Cameron highlands tomorrow A.M and meet Poh poh, Koong koong, Auntie Shannon and EnHui!

Packing today... And I REALLY need to clear up my cake stuff!

Oh yes and a cake update too...
Well my cake is almost done, I just need to pipe the border (Which is done with a tip No 2... Ugh! It is going to take ages!) and some design on the top and then I am DONE with tier No 1! Woo hoo!!

OK back to Cameron highlands stuffies...

We will be leaving at 6 A.M tomorrow! Ahh! I.. don't... think... I... can... wake... up...!!!
to wake up THAT early I would need to sleep at 8 P.M which is clearly 99.99999999% IMPOSSIBLE!!

I cant wait to feel the nice cool air on my face again!
And yes I love 'Highlands' :)

OK that's all for now!

Will be back by Monday!


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