Monday, August 16, 2010

Mid Valley...

Today after brunch Mommy decided to go to Mid Valley for clothes for our trip to Cameron Highlands this Thursday (In 3 days time! Whoots!).

I looked after Eanny in the car again...
He was in a good spotting cars, buses, trucks, motorbikes etc mood today :)

Stopped here yesterday night, was too tired.
Ok lets continue :)

The boys and I prepared some biscuits etc for the trip which also helped keep Eanny occupied... Whew!
I guess he is use to traveling now huh?

The REAL trouble in the car Begin when we reached the Mid Valley parking lot!
We went round and round x50 looking for a place to park!
There was only one level no B1 B2 B3 etc :/
Eanny was starting to get fidgety (If that is a word!)!
It was a TOUGH 15 minutes (Or longer!)!
At least we found a spot and survived :)

Went up to have lunch at the Manhattan fish market!
I had my all time FAVOURITE chocolate milkshake!
And we had fish and chips too... Duh?

We ordered a bit TOO much!
I was VERY stuffed...

Tee hee...!

We bought tickets for the Sorcerer's Apprentice show @ 6.50 PM

While waiting we went to MPH bookstore to READ!
Whoopy :)

Read some more Darren Shan books, well just 1 book no bookssss :P

It was No 4 some Vampire mountain one which I cant remember the name...

It was nicceeee as usual :)
I didnt get to finish the ending!
Or the last 20-30 pages...

Oh yes and I found the very FIRST vampire book I EVER read and they had the continueation there!!
It is called Vampire Kisses.
I wanted to stay the for the WHOLE day so BADLY!
I wished we bought the 8 something movie instead >:O

Oh well there is always next time right...?

After that:
Movie=Sorcerer's Apprentice


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