Thursday, August 5, 2010

My 2nd polymer clay charm neckalce...

Yay! Today after what I did in my previous post I started working on my 2Nd polymer clay charm neck lace!

You might be wondering why I didn't post about the first one...
Well you see the eyes... Are not really up to my mark so I just abandoned that rabbit cupcake polymer clay charm project and started on another today :D

You could say I am VERY proud of this one... :)
It is kinda represents me ya see.

See photo above. Sorry if it isn't that clear, I took it with the web cam and cropped it! (Ok! uploaded a better one!)... And there is a smudge of glue on the cupcake cup! Ugh! I am SO messy -.-"

A tiny pink (Mind you I like pink stuff... I like other colors too but pink is a KAWAII color and I LOVE KAWAII stuff that is why I like pink. Geddit? Tee hee!)teddy bear with a REALLY cute chef's hat thing-ma-bob hugging a humongous strawberry swirled cupcake!

Whee hee I am over whelmed with KAWAII stuffies!

A BIG hip hip hooray for polymer clay! I LOVE working with you! Maybe a wee but more than gum paste/fondant because I can turn you into jewellery and I cant with gum paste/fondant but I guess I love both of you 'pastes' just the same :P

I LOVE you polymer clay!!


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