Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Vegetable puff

I made a batch of Pohpoh's recipe vege puff (A.K.A Chai pu) successfully today for tea time!
And it tasted original!

Here is the Vegetable puff recipe for you to try out:


2 Large eggs
2 Cups Plain flour
1/2 or 1 TSP (Depends how salty you like it..) salt
Some dashes of pepper
1/2 Cup Fried anchovies (Pounded)
1 Cup Carrots (Shredded)
3 Cups Cabbage (Chopped finely. There is no way you could shred it right?! LOL)
2 Medium sized onions (Sliced)

10 Steps to yummy vege puffs:

1-Beat eggs
2-Add pepper and salt. Beat it some more...
3-Add in flour (It should be batter-ish. Add some water if it is too dry.)
4-Add anchovies
5-Add the vegetables in bit by bit...
6-By now it should look like coleslaw :P
7-Let it rest for 10 minutes or so...
8-Give the mixture a mix and you are ready to fry!
9-Deep fry with high heat till golden brown.
10-Serve with tomato sauce or/and chili sauce or by it self or with whatever you wish!

Hope your vegetable puffs turn out as yummy as mine did!


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