Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tier No 1

Caption for photo: It is actually DARK PURPLE! (Not blue!) I don't make cakes with such UGLY colors! LOL!!

Whew! I managed (Yeah, square cakes are NOT my best friends but I LOVE round ones! I wanted a bit of a challenge this time round so I chose square!) to cover a 14" (Biggest cake I have ever covered!) square cake (I am bad at covering squares... The edges always tear!!) ALMOST without tearing!!
Yes I was VERY lucky this time...
It was a perfect cake until...
I was smoothing the cracks on the edges with my palms and then I must have rolled that part a bit too THIN and half of that side came tumbling down!!
So much for my lucky covering square cake day!
I managed to patch it up!! (But on one of the corners you can see the Styrofoam dummy cake but it is OK... I will HOPEFULLY think of something to cover it up!)
I was trying to be a bit of a 'Dare-devil' (Remember the square cake?!) this time round...
I PAINTED the cake to give it a special effect! (It has this nice streaky effect. Just to tell you if you cant see it on the photo that I uploaded...)
SO far SO good!
it actually turned out pretty well...
I didn't expect it to turn out like that but it turned out OK :)


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