Wednesday, August 4, 2010

4th July 2010

4th July 2010... One of the worst titles I could ever think of haha!!
But still... Many things happened TODAY (4th July 2010) so I guess I would just name this post that!!

Ok, enough of that chit chat of 4th July 2010 :P
Now for the news report of the day!


Well today there is GOOD news and BAD news...

The good news is: Mommy has got her car so we can go anywhere and everywhere! Hooray!

The bad news is: I have to look after baby Eanny in the car :( Sob!

Today I needed to get some cakin' stuff for the ICCA wedding cake competition so we drove to ICCA Kota Damansara.

More GOOD news and BAD news stuff...

The good news? Ean was a goody good boy on the way there :) He only asked for Mommy 2 time and got easily distracted by other stuff and he fell asleep on the way there.. Yay! :D

The bad news? We got lost finding ICCA. (Yeah.. The shoplots are like a maze and I dont really remember the way out :( ) So we went at least 4 BIG rounds before finding it.. Sigh! Thank goodness eanny was sleeping or he would have made a FUSS!

Oh have I told you that I feel like I am in heaven when I go cakin' shopping?
Yeah I was in cakin' heaven today picking and choosing my stuff (I MISS ICCA tons! I wish I had my Wilton courses every day.. :( I MISS my friends and Nina.. And no I dont MISS the diploma! Too much stress! Yeah I learnt tons of stuff but I dont really wanna go through it again! Ok enough about how much I miss ICCA and stuff back to the 4th July 2010 post!) for the ICCA cake competition :)


Ikea time!

We didnt know the way there so we just followed our guts... And we got there safe and sound! Hooray for guts! :P

Had lunch and it was YENJI CLAY time!

Ugh-ish... (And Mommy if you are reading this pretend you did not see that word okie?)

I started on a new project.. The figurine doll thingy-ma-bob project.

The instructor are still the same and they still HATE (Ok fine.. DISLIKE) me... Sheesh kabab..

Made the head and hand (Yes only 1 hand.. I have to do the other as HOMEWORK...) today..

Just not so lately I got this polymer clay charms bug...
Making cutesy-putsy polymer clay food/figures/animals and sticking em' to key chains, bracelets, necklaceses etc..
So I bought 2 plain metal (One pink and the other black..) necklaces with that screw thing to attach it to the polymer clay..

Yes, you could say I was quite happy after getting this stuffies.. i couldent WAIT to get home to start!

On the way home from Ikea..
Eanny was GRUMPS!!
I am glad I am still alive...
He is HORRIBLE when he is GRUMPS >:(
He made me GRUMPS too after that car ride home!
GRR You Leong Eu Eanny!

OK enough with the Leong EU Eanny-ing :P

I started polymer clay-ing the moment i reached home!
I was WAY too excited!!

At first i wanted to do a baby doll figurine holding a cupcake..
That didn't turn out well so I start on a NEW one!!

So this one was successful :)

It was a little tan colored rabbit no taller than 3 inches holding a cute little strawberry swirled cupcake :)

Pictures of it tomorrow!

Zzzzzzzzzzzz time!


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