Sunday, August 15, 2010


Our car filled with rambutans!

My (Deep breath!) Mr fluffy headed Eu Eanny cutie pie weed baby pants!

Our cozy car...

Yesterday we started our journey to Karak at 11 pm.

We stopped by Peel road to have 'Yong tau foo' for 'brunch'!
Yum yum yum! What a treat!

After a VERY satisfying 'brunch' we headed to Gombak to visit the Orang Asli museum...

I was rather reluctant to go down because it was SO nice and cozy in our car!
We folded down the backs seats of the car to make it a 6 ft (Or so) length bed! It was SUPER fun!
We covered the whole boot up with tons of comforters and we brought pillows! Ahhh... IT was LOVELY!

OK back to the museum part...

The museum was just like any other museum...
Rather boring.
Not worth talking about...

Ok back to our coooooozay car :)

We took the old road to Karak.
It was rather windy(I HATE 'OLD' ROADS NO MATTER HOW SCENIC THEY ARE!! Getting car sick is HORRIBLE!)...
I got rather car sick so I had to sleep/rest.
I slept :D

When I woke up I was in Karak town already!

After a while we entered 'Kampung Leng-Kong' and then it was bumpy road (Nope half-way through the kampung and there wont be any more tarred roads.) time!

So once we reached my Poh poh and Koong koong's house we plucked rumbutans and do some other stuffies which I cannot really remember :P

Oh then it was the marvelous SEWING time!

Poh poh bought me and Caryn a T-shirt each to sew sequins on!
Once I started sewing I COULDN'T stop!
I got addicted and now I LOVE sewing!

(I will post a picture of my T-shirt once it is done!)

So for the rest of the day I was mainly stuck to my T-shirt... Tee hee!!

At night after we put off the generator we sat in the verandah munching on some sunflower seed and peanuts while looking at ONE firefly! LOL!
After awhile it STORMED!
So I guess that chased away the rest of the fireflies...
The storm was WONDERFUL!
It was so nice and cool after that!
Mmmmm... :)

It was a LOVELY night to sleep after that!
Without air conditioning or fan just nature's air cooling system.

The next morning after breakfast I continued sewing!

Once everyone was awake me and Poh poh made 'Chai pu'...
(Vegetable puff in some Chinese dialect. Which I cant remember what..)

After that we packed up and left for lunch in Bukit Tinggi.

Then it was Bye-bye time... :(

Back to K.L!!


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