Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wedding cake competition prep

Took my very FIRST step towards my wedding cake just now.. :)

I decided on a around 90% royal iced cake.
So today I covered 2 out of my five tiered cake with royal icing...

While I was icing my 6 inch top tier I made a HUGE mistake!
HUGE as in everything I made before could go down the drain type of HUGE!!

(Sorry I am not telling you WHAT the mistake was because it is a secret... Hush! And how I am icing the cake... Hush-er!!)

So after I finished icing the cake I stopped and was thinking on what I could do with that ^*%!$#* cake!!
Was thinking for quite some time and I was just wondering about my color theme with is Black N white...
Then I got this SUPER DE DUPER idea for my cake! (Mwa ha ha ha ha!!)
Instead of just one color per tier I could make it 2 colors per tier!


I love GOOD things that come out of mistakes :D

Hooray for mistakes?

Tee hee!


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