Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I am home!

Get ready for an extra LONG post!! Please DO NOT die reading :P

Sobs...! It has been a VERY short 3D 2N holiday in Genting highlands!!

It was So nice and cool up there and it is SO scorching hot down here in KL!
One of the things I really miss is the weather ha ha!!

We went to Genting Highlands with my cousins Nigel and Katrina and their Mom and my grandma! Lots of people so it was very merry! Ha ha! Remember the more the merrier?

Mommy had already planned what to do first up there and it was to visit the strawberry and mushroom farm in Gotong Jaya!

What a LOVELY sight! Strawberries here, strawberries there, strawberries EVERYWHERE!
Once you entered the farm you would be in strawberry HEAVEN ha ha!! (I am not much of a strawberry fan so I didn't really go CRAZY over them!)
It was a self pick farm... (RM 8 for 100 grams)
We got a basket and a pair of scissors and then of we GO (Picking strawberries!)!
I had a fun time picking and choosing the reddest and the yummiest (I couldn't really tell which one was the yummiest.. But I tried :P) strawberries!

Nothing much in the mushroom farm but I still cant stop thinking about the mushroom called 'Monkey brain mushroom'!! (Looks like one though..!)

We bought lots of different types of mushrooms (Including the monkey brain one! Ugh..!) and veges (There was a sort of dry market after the mushroom farm selling toys, veges, food, clothes etc etc..) for our steam boat dinner!

Went to a nursery (It was after the dry market.. Yeah the place had more places to visit then I thought!!) and saw some lovely flowers :)

Yum yum yum!!

We stayed up in a 2 bed room apartment in Awana... I like the free (But it is most of the time occupied so you have to try your luck to get it!!) Internet kiosk and the pool (Oh and I can finally do a PROPER handstand under water!!)!

The cable cars were down for renovation!! I was REALLY disappointed :(
The cable car was one of the many things I looked forward to up in Gentings...

So we had to take the old boring bus up to the theme park/theme park hotel :(
The roads were SCARY (Shouldn't be if you were driving a car but it is SCARY on the bus!) because they were so windy and narrow!

We didn't have time to go for the outdoor theme park (AGAIN!!)...
So we just went for the indoor theme park. (Boring?)
So bumper cars a 100x it was!!
I guess it was fun not THAT bad.. But secretly I still wish I went to the outdoor theme park as well :)

We met our Poh poh (Grandma) and Koong koong (Grandpa) on the (They came down from their farm in Karak) way down to Awana..
They brought LOTS of rambutans!! My FAVOURITE!!
I had a great yummy time munching on them :)

I suppose you guys know that we went there (To Gentings. Duh?) to celebrate (My brother's) Eu Han's 4Th birthday up in Genting highlands right..?
So well after the theme park we went back to the hotel to have cake and sing 'Happy birthday' too of course!!

Went to our favourite restaurant in Gotong Jaya for the dinner after having cake :)
Had a BIG HUGE feast! I enjoyed it tons!

Home the next morning...

Hope YOU enjoyed my story on my holiday to Genting Highlands!
Thanks for reading such a LONG post!
Hope you didn't die!! Ha ha!!


My basket of strawberries... Posing with my Kucheah (Aunt) and Katrina!

Steamboat... Yummy!

My ship wreck getting torn apart!! AHH!!

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