Wednesday, December 15, 2010


What a boooorrringggg title... I got the I-cannot-name-the-post disease again!

Today is/was one of those lazy afternoon days! I LOVE those days!
I woke up at noon so there is nothing much to say about my morning unless you want to know what I was dreaming about! Even I don't remember what I am dreaming about so you may need a dream reader machine... Ok! I was getting a bit carried away with that 'dream' chit chat!

I spent my afternoon doing research on a Xmas eve birthday cake!
I really wanted to make this cake PERFECT because.. well.. it is for one of my favorite 'persons'!
And that she loves Tiger lilies and I have always WANTED to make gum paste lilies!
And now I have the chance to make it so I have to give it my BESTEST shot!
So I just spent maybe an hour or two google-ing and looking through my Alan Dunn Sugar Craft Flower Arranging and Pattern book by Tricia Guild (I got this one from the Big Bad Wolf book sale for RM20! And it is SO awesomeee!)!
Tricia Guild Pattern: Using Pattern to Create Sophisticated, Show-stopping Interiors
Alan Dunn's Sugarcraft Flower Arranging

Went to our Petaling Jaya community library after finishing of my cake research (Did I ever tell you how much I LOVE doing it?!)...
To do some more! Haha!

The library is like a home to me! I wished I had a library like THAT at home though...!
I visit EVERY floor of it and actually KNOW what and where everything is!
Yeah, I do visit and explore it THAT much!

As usual after getting the books I need (I am SO greedy! I take almost all the books on that particular subject!) on all 3 floors of the library, it would be a pile of books that I need to go at least 2 rounds to carry them all to my private conner away from the rest of the people... 
Peace and quiet...

I had a look at LOTS of polymer clay sculpturing and 'real-life' flower arranging books today (Like I always do! But more, MUCH more this time!) and try to put them into my cake decorating ideas!
Found many interesting techniques that I am pretty sure have NEVER been taught in the sugar art schools today!
It was like finding treasure!
That people have not touched since... *Looks at the date of when the last person borrowed it
1989! Gasps*

I pretty sure it is because of all the research and books that I have read that I picked up cake decorating rather quickly!

Now that I think about it... I used (At a first glance of me lots of people my age still do.) to be called the nerd-y or geek-y one because I just LOVE books (I would never get anywhere without them!) and maybe just plain act like so.
I learnt how to ignore (At one time I actually did STOP reading just because of THAT! How SILLY of me..) those comments about me and just be... ME!
So now I can say HAHA (I am getting evil, Aren't I?) to you horrible people (That are stuck doing things that are 'cool' but NOT get anywhere in life.) and just get on with being me, myself, I, Karen Leong Jian Yi.

Now... To get my new batch of caking books! (If you are reading this, a BIG HUGE THANK YOU to you Auntie Julie for lugging them all the way from U.S to Malaysia!)  


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