Saturday, December 4, 2010

My clay day

Whew! I am soOOooOo tired..! Ugh! Was out for 10 full hours today!
Boy I missed HOME!

My day started at 11 AM today. The usual things like breakfast and daily FaceBook check doesn't count!

After dumping my brothers in Ikea's Smailand I headed to Ikano where my clay class is.
Every time I travel from Ikea to Ikano I get this few things: People exchange weird looks at me and my backpack and tool box gets heavier every single time!

When I FINALLY reach my Clay class I get that 'Oh-it-is-THAT-girl-again' look... Ugh.!
I still wonder why..
Is it because I stay for at least 5 hours or that I am really THAT bothersome?
I wish I knew!

Anyway, today I tried VERY hard putting those not-so-positive-or-also-known-as-negative-thoughts-that-I-always-have-when-I-go-to-clay-class thoughts (I guess I just think too much about what people think of me, eh? There isn't one moment when I am not flooding my head with random thoughts so it is going to be REALLY hard.. I suppose it is either random thoughts and/or that same song that is randomly chosen from my 'iBrain' playlist everyday. Today's song was Just the way you are by Bruno Mars!) today because I was REALLY excited about how this figurine project will turn out!

Well here is my finished product!


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