Thursday, December 2, 2010


Ooh... I am back to blogging, mainly because of Mommy but nevermind about that.
I guess it is time to get back and blog, I missed blogging... Somehow :)

And I could'ent name this post because I am probly going to write about a lot of random things which cant become ONE proper title so may the title be a mystry!

So... I just got back from Sunway Lagoon, AGAIN! Yawn...
I am getting really.. err... bored? with that place/going there.
We go there lots because we got that all-year-round-excess-to-all-the-parks-over-there card for my whole family...
I pretty glad its going to expire soon! I am NEVER going back there again, It NEVER changes... Much!
It would be nice if they changed the roller-coaster track at least! And add higher drops and at least 2 loop-a-dee-doos to it!
I guess it won't be worth going back there next year unless they do a MAJOR renovation!!

Enough of Sunway Lagoon!

Let me blog about OTHER things that have/about to go on...

Was it yesterday? Or was it the day before..? Oh well! Something like that!
I was at my Clay (Not pottery typ-a clay but clay that if something like gumpaste-ish!) clay @ Ikano.
I quit clay for a while and re-started again, mainly because I didnt like the people teaching there! And you could say I still don't but I feel good over there... It's the closest I have got to my cake decorating courses!
(Yes, I do miss my Wilton cake decorating courses TONS! I wish it was for... ETERNITY! I could'ent be happier if it was!)
The last course I had over there was an Orchid flower thingy and I wanted a change this time so I chose a realistic figurine course.
I enjoyed this course TONS!! I find it SoOoOO much more interesting, mainly because I get to choose what she is, what she wears, what are her accesorries etc..!
You get to let your creativety go freEeEEee! And thats the way I like doing things, MY own way!
Just for your infomation, I chose a doll wearing a kimono and her accesorry is a fan.
But only I dont really like the fan so I might not use it...
Oh well!
I lurrrrve my kimono... I guess it's because it is my favourite color, Purple :)
I should be able to complete it the next time round I suppose, I am around 90% DONE!!
The 10% would be a bit of the hair and the face...
All I have now is a blank face, which is kinda creepy... Well to me it is!
And the rest is done except some hair accesorries :)

And... Another one of my cupcake booths is coming up!
It's from the 10th-13th Dec @ Shangri-La!

I will write more about that later on...
The mosquetoes are drivign me crazzeeeee!!


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