Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Thank you....
For making ME feel so ultra HAPPY and JOYFUL yesterday!
It was the very FIRST time I got 159 views on my blog for a day!
Thank YOU, you and YOU for viewing my blog yesterday!

I was SO (Jeez! Just tried playing with the text and colors with my blog posting thingy and I am getting all jumbled up already! Hahaha!) super-de-duper happy yesterday that I actually started going a silly dance a twirl around my caking room!

I get pleased so easily! And its a good thing because I cant be dull or upset for long right?

I really wished that I had a new cake creation to share with all of you AWESOME people today!
But unfortunately I have none... Sob sob!

There is nothing really exciting on my 'To-Do' list today...
It is on of those lazy days lounging around in the library!


Thank you Blogger! I just discovered how fun it is to type with different fondants.. err... I mean FONTS.. Yeah fonts... (I really DID type out fondant FYI! It just comes naturally after typing 'F' 'O' and 'N' out!) and colors today!

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