Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cupcake Booth @ Shangri-La

Another day at my cupcake booth @ Shangri-La has gone by...
I am just sitting back FBing, Blogging and listening to my favorite Pop songs on YouTube.. I love these type of moments of the day :)

Well... It wasn't perfect. I still have much more to learn from PaPa about marketing out my cupcakes to customers!
I am defiantly gonna want to sign up for a booth the next time they have their Rotary district stuff because (Jeez! I didn't know it was so hard to focus on typing when a rap song comes on, hmm. Weird.) it is amazing how much I learn from that 3 days at my cupcake booth!
I hope to improve MUCH more the next time!

Nothing exciting happened on the first day, it was rather DULL actually!
There wasn't much sales, I don't know why!
It was REALLY disappointing!

You (Oh this song is catchy! I have got to sing and dance along to it! 5 minutes!) could say today was quiet innnterrresttinggg!
I stayed up till 2 AM baking this time for the booth because I made a vow to myself that I would always bake my cupcakes on the day it self!
And I had to wake up at 6 AM which is totally and utterly CRAZY!
Sigh..! But at least I made it to the end of today!
The morning went by slooooowly and really paaaaiiiinfully!
Half of the time I felt like dozing off and my head landing on the boxes of cakes/cupcakes! Haha!

PaPa called me and Caryn (She was helping me out today.) to have a look at the opening ceremony in one of the ballrooms.
I found one special performance I REALLY enjoyed!
It was the Chinese drum one.
It was a group (20-30-ish) of kids (Around my age I suppose) playing them!
Not only were they drumming REALLY well but they had AWESOME choreography!
For one moment I actually thought of try it out but then another thought overcame that one and it was: I am NEVER gonna want to do such a performance like that!
Unless... It is a cake decorating demonstration or something... Wait! Maybe I wouldn't even have the guts to do THAT!
I hate myself being like THIS! Grr
I went back to my booth after this thought and filled myself with more... Not so positive ones..

I suppose why the rest of the day went so well and I was happy was because I met this International Youth Exchange AKA IYE student from Tokyo, Japan!

PaPa invited me into his 'Conversation' and introduced Machika (Yess! Finally! I actually remembered her name!) to me and Caryn.
We 'Clicked' from that moment on.
We talked like long lost friends and like there was NO tomorrow!
It was pure AWESOME! =)

Bla bla blaaa... She talk about her life back in Tokyo and I talk about mine.. She tells me what her interests are and I SHOW her what my passion for life will be.. Bla bla blaa....

She takes out her IPod and asked me what was my favorite 'Singer'.
Me: Lady Gaga of course!
Her jaw dropped.*
Then she was like WOOOOW!*
Her: You don't look like the 'type' that 'like' listening to Lady Gaga! (Oh and she speaks with SO much expression on her face and I found out that 'Japanese' ladies speak much softer and 'girly-er' (Felt SO loud!), I felt like I was acting in an anime! Hahaa!)
Me: Yeah...

I always get judged by my 'cover', if only people would look at my pages!

More and MORE talk!
We spent the rest of the afternoon talking, eating (Not my cupcakes!), laughing, exploring Shangri-La and nodding our heads to our favorite music!

I can hardly wait for tomorrow!


More about my booth here @ Mommy's blog:

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