Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bake day

Another title that I am not really happy with but I guess it will do...
I wonder why its so hard to name a post these days!

For the past 3 days (If you count today in, I suppose you should because the day is almost over!) I have been baking crazy!
I really regret not starting earlier though...
The first 2 days I was rushing like MAD! But at least I managed to take my time baking today!
I am glad I managed to finished what ever was on my plan/goal today!
I find that if I manage to complete my goal of the day I feel VERY relived!

Hmm... I don't really think there is much to say about baking, except maybe I had to keep count of the number of cups of ingredients going into my big huge mixer with a pencil and a paper!
I must be getting old and forgetful!

Besides baking.. I found my new favorite song artist, the name's is Enrique Iglesias.
(What a weird name! I highly doubt I can pronounce it properly!)
I have heard his songs for some time but didn't know what the title of the song or the artist was.
Until I was at Wendy's a couple of days ago and saw his music video (I like it) on MTV!
I have been addicted to his songs ever since!
I think if there was a record for the person with the most times repeating the same video on YouTube I would have got it!
It is a nice change from LadyGaga I think!

I lurve listening to music when I am tired (Like today!), the more music you listen to the more energy you get!
I usually listen to music till I am all the way to the max!

Since I wasn't all THAT rushy today I danced and sang to (Drat! I need to scroll up to look for his name again! Ugh!) Enrique Iglesias's I like it for the whole day! And a bit of LadyGaga's Telephone too!
Ahh! That was FUN!! Somehow I felt like Cinderella, since she sings when she does her chores!

It was even more fun when Swathy AKA my assitant for the Cupcake booth baking and selling was over in my kitchen! 2 is always better than 1! We sang our self edited (To make them sound extra funny!) version of our favorite songs at the top of our lungs!

When our cakes were in the oven we played a game of Screaming Scrabble.
It is our #1 FAVORITE game!
It was taught to me by my Uncle and I have loved and played it ever since!
You could say we are pretty advanced in the game of Screaming Scrabble!
Our longest word in normal games would be 8 or so... 10 is our max!
Its nice seeing your 'student' beat you in it! It means you have taught them well!
This is one game I will NEVER get bored of!

Its amazing how the words flow out when you decide to blog.
I only wanted to type out a short post but see how long it became!


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