Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Finally! I have got time to post pictures of this gum paste butterfly I made yesterday!

It was my first time making gum paste butterflies (Ok fine! ButterFLY!), I really REALLY wanted to make them since I got my Alan Dunn's Celebration Cakes on Thursday!
His butterflies seem to catch my eye more than the flowers! Maybe because there are SO many in that book, not to mention that he puts in nuts and vegetables in this book... Which is just plain... WEIRD! (Who would want vegetables on their CAKE?! Maybe if you are a farmer or something then it is alright... But for sprays?!)

So anyway... I had the time and cake (One with those flower-y-ish sprays on the top. I figured out that SOME butterflies (I will continue making more today! They are SUPER fun to make since they are not realistic-ish.. So I just took out all my pearl/luster dust from the drawer and plan to use them ALL today to make these butterflies really colorful! I used coral, ruby, avocado and brown for this butterfly. )  to make these yesterday after I finished making the parts (Petals etc) of the spray..

I found them 'funner' then flowers somehow... Maybe because I could paint/dust them as I wished!

Here are the end results of my very FIRST gum paste butterfly!


  1. Thank you!
    Hope my next one would look better then my first!

  2. it looks like a flower with a body. :(