Sunday, December 5, 2010


Jeez... I am having trouble naming my posts this days, maybe it is because I really have NO idea or I am I am just having trouble picking out what I want to name this post with at least a hundred titles in my head!
I remember 'Post-naming' didn't use to be so hard when I used to not think twice when I chose a title.

Since I DON'T have a title just let me tell you what this post is about...
Ehem..! You can call it another one of my random thoughts that have been stuck in my head going around and repeating it self when ever I get bored.
My mind starts exploding with thoughts when ever I get bored, I think it is just my own way of keep boredom at bay!
Lately, I must have been really bored because my mind has been exploding with thoughts or am I just getting more problems as the days pass??


I was at my cousin's place, we had dinner together and me and Caryn were persuading our parents to let us have a sleep over...
We managed to succeed and we were both holding hands and jumping with joy!
Once my parents had left we went up to Christopher and Caryn's bedroom to 'Play'.
While Christopher was playing with his GameBoy we were talking about our last trip to Karak (My grandparents have a farm there.), our favorite Pokemon, Neopets and all sorts of random things!
When the lights were put off we were still yakking along about the things we had in common and we ALWAYS caught the laughing disease (When you catch it you can't stop laughing until people come and shush you up!)!
The next morning...

Wait, wait WAIT! Stoooopppppp!
It didn't go like that... That was just a good childhood memory!
Hahaha! Gotcha! Just loved how Darren Shan (One of my favorite authors) put that in his 'The saga of Darren Shan' (I think it was the 9th book... Killers of Dawn. AKA The one that Mr Crepsley died...) when Mr Crepsley was falling into a pit of sharp err spikes? and fire....
Oh wait! I am getting too carried away...
On with the story!

Well... My stay was actually... Quite the opposite...

I guess I was still happy when I found out I could stay, but not as happy as I was THEN.
We don't have much or maybe nothing at all in common anymore, unless you count FaceBooking as one of it!
So... Nothing in common = Nothing to talk about. Right? I am pretty sure it is true because we DIDN'T!
The laughing sickness/disease was hard to get too since we didn't talk much..

Anyway... What I have been thinking about for the whole day is:



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