Monday, December 13, 2010

Train cake

I thought I would have more than 17 hours of rest before I started caking again!
Oh well... Another day, another order, another CAKE!

This cake would be another one of my firsts! Wait... Almost every cake I do is a first to me before I have NEVER repeated any before!

My customer wanted a VERY chocolate-y cake! Rich chocolate cake with chocolate frosting as a filling! Yum yum for all those who like chocolate! (Like mee! I was in chocolate heaven today! Thanks to the batter that insists on sticking to my mixing bowl and the scraps that I got from leveling the cake!) And a 2D train design on the top of the cake for a little boy.

Fairly simple for me... Until I thought about 'editing' it to make it more interesting!

The chocolate cake would be torted, filled and leveled, crumb coated and iced with light blue butter cream.

Somehow it just came to me that instead of a nice neat square butter cream cake I wanted one with lots of texture. Swirls, spikes etc...
Then it reminded me of Vincent Van Gogh's art work! So I went ahead to do some research on how he did them and I transferred his 'type' of art into my train cake!

The sky and hills would be Van Gogh-ish and the train, sun and smoke from the train would be made out of Royal icing.

I made the sky and hills with this method of painting.
I used 3 different colors of buttercream (Example light blue, medium-ish blue and just plain food coloring), plopped them onto the top of the cake and used a small metal spatula to swirl the together! It look SO van Gogh-y! Hoorah!

I made the sun look swirly-ish too.
I took plain yellow Royal icing and a piping bag.
Took a toothpick/cocktail stick and drew some vertical lines (Not too many! 4 would be perfect!) inside the piping bag.
Plopped the yellow Royal icing inside it and just piped it out into a spiral!
Easy peasy!
I am pretty sure you could do it directly onto the cake with butter cream...
But it will look a little messy if the colors got mixed together, so I did it separately!

I will post the picture of the cake right HERE tomorrow when the cake is done!
Please wait!

Ok! Thanks for waiting a couple of hours for my Royal icing flooded train to dry!
Here is my finished train cake!



  1. i can't stop staring at it - lil KC

  2. Was wondering who the mysterious comment was from!
    I never get comments on my blog, LOL!
    Thanks :)

  3. wow, very nice indeed! way to go jian! oh yea, i like your railway tracks too! hehee!

  4. Why the railway tracks?
    I could have done a better job at it with a thicker piping tip, now it looks like a ladder LOL!